Pride 50

Ronan Farrow is changing the world, taking down one abuser at a time

Name: Ronan Farrow, 30

Who He Is: Journalist, media celeb

Why He Matters: Farrow became one of the forerunners of the #MeToo movement by exposing sexual abuses in Hollywood. Prior to that, he became the youngest graduate of Bard College at age 15. He went on to get a degree from Yale Law School, work in the Obama Administration, and host his own MSNBC show before joining the staff at The New Yorker. (He’s also the son of actress Mia Farrow and director Woody Allen.)

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Why We’re Proud: Leave it to LGBTQ-er to get done what nobody else could. Farrow’s reporting on sexual misconduct by Harvey Weinstein helped trigger the #MeToo, a movement begging to happen. Even as Hollywood royalty himself, Farrow encountered a great deal of pushback for outing a man so powerful as a sexual predator, and refused to back down. Most recently, in collaboration with reporter Jane Mayer, he brought down New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman after revealing Schneiderman had physically assaulted at least four women.

Farrow’s hard-fought reporting earned him the Pulitzer Prize in 2017. But he’s hardly one note. Farrow’s new book, War on Peace takes on the Trump Administration’s dissolution of American diplomacy. He also just confirmed what many a rumor had long rumbled: he identifies as a queer man.

No doubt, it won’t be the last time he makes us proud.

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