Alycia Lane Attacks Cop?

News Anchor’s “Dyke Bitch” Breakdown

Philadelphia-based news anchor Alycia Lane lost it in New York City yesterday. The 35-year old apparently became enraged after her cab sat behind a slow moving car. Lane and her boyfriend, Chris Booker, got out of the car to move things along. The car, it turned out, held three undercover cops, who began questioning Booker as the increasingly agitated Lane snapped shots. It’s around this time, says NY Post, that Lane went totally ballistic, calling one of the female officers a “dyke bitch”.

The female cop told the anchor, “You can take pictures, but you have to step back,” the sources said.

Lane went ballistic, shouting that she was a TV reporter and declaring, “I don’t care that you’re a cop – you dyke bitch!” the sources said. Then she allegedly walloped the officer in the face.

Lane – whose lawyer said she didn’t know the three were cops – was taken to the 10th Precinct station house, where she was charged with assaulting an officer.

Lane’s lawyer also denies that his client hit the cop, who went to the hospital for treatment.

This isn’t Lane’s first time in the tabloids: the KYW-TV journalist once emailed steamy pictures to married sports reporter Rich Eisen. Despite her crazed past, KYW-TV seem to be sticking by Lane – for now, at least: “We are very concerned for Alycia. We are still trying to sort out exactly what happened.” It’s pretty clear to us: Lane lost it – big time.

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