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News anchor’s holiday artichoke dip goes horribly, horribly wrong on-air


The holiday season is all about making time for friends and loved ones. Much of that time is spent around the table enjoying meals together. Global News’ Leslie Horton recently shared one of her favorite, homemade holiday dishes with her co-workers.

“Yeah, it’s not supposed to look like that,” she explains as she holds the runny, mustard-colored dish up for the camera to see. “I didn’t want to bake it. I’ve been busy.”

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Leslie goes on to explain that she would have preferred to make a homemade fruit cake, but time got away from her, so she went with an artichoke dip, which is supposed to be a perennial favorite at holiday get-togethers.

Before eating the dish, one of Leslie’s co-hosts tells her the dish smells like “vinegar.” Another says it smells “like a barn.” Yet they proceed to try it anyway. After nearly vomiting on camera, they ask Leslie what she did to make the dish taste so terrible.

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“OK, I didn’t have a lemon,” Leslie confesses, “so I just cut up an orange and put that in there. And then I didn’t know what spices to put in, so I put celery salt and oregano in it.” Then she asks her co-worker, “How are you enjoying it, Amber?”

To which Amber, clutching her throat, replies, “It burns.”

Check out the clip below…