NEWS: Facebook’s Chris Hughes Launches $100K Matching Fund Challenge For Maine Marriage Fight

Chris Hughes, 28, and fiance Sean Eldridge, 25, have organized a $100,000 matching-funds challenge to Mainers United for Marriage, which is campaigning for a ballot measure that would legalize same-sex nuptials in teh Pine Tree State. [Edge]

* A Baptist Church in St. Louis didn’t want to participate in a church softball league because one of the other six churches had recently accepted a bisexual man, Rev. James Semmelroth Darnell, as pastor. Instead of ruin the fun for everyone, the bi pastor (who merely presides over the team and does not play) removed his team from the league. I would make a joke about playing for both teams here, but it just seems too easy. [St. Louis Today]

* Angeline Mwafulirwa, a bisexual Malawian woman, is begging the UK to grant her and her children asylum. She says that if her family is deported to Malawi they could suffer female circumcisions at the hands of her ex-husband. [Maravi Post]

The Presbytery of the Redwoods, a division of the Presbyterian Church that governs from just north of San Francisco to the Oregon border, has defied their national church by voting to support Jane Adams Spahr, a reverend who married 16 gay couples while gay marriage was legal in California. Presbyterians: nipping at the heels of Episcopalians to be more gay-friendly? [L.A. Times]

* The LGBT community in Burma is rising up against the culture of repression and criminalization. Good for them! But be careful, please. [Guardian]

* NOM’s Dump Starbucks campaign finally has one supporter—a Denver pastor who proudly poured his $5 Venti coffee down into the sewer. “I’m going to pour it into the sewer here,” he says. “By the way, you can hear a lot of fluid running. It sounds like a lot of people have been dumping their Starbucks in the last couple days.” Because sewers don’t normally have a lot of fluid running through them. [YouTube]

* Catholic bishops launch investigation into the insidious Girl Scouts of America. [Seattle Times]

* Federal marriage-equality org Freedom To Marry has launched their new campaign, “Freedom to Serve, Freedom to Marry,” which highlights the troubles that military families with same-sex parents suffer under DOMA, even now that DADT is repealed. Watch their heartbreaking video about a fictional lesbian soldier and her wife below. It’s animated in a Waking Life “Rotoshopping” style and follows the relationship using elements of Facebook’s new “Timeline” to portray a budding romance and its untimely end.