NEWS: UK Gay Divorces, Queer Flamingos Flock Together, Silver Lake Honors Mattachines, And More!

A study from the UK Office of National Statistics reveals that civil partnerships between gay couples are dissolved at about half the rate of heterosexual marriages.  “Homosexual couples that joined in 2005 were significantly less likely to have filed for dissolution four years later than heterosexual couples were to have filed for divorce: 2.5% compared to 5.5%.” Additionally, gay-male couples were less likely to split than lesbian pairs. [The Daily Beast]

Speaking of Merry old England, two male flamingos at Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust in Gloucestershire are still going strong after five years. “They only have eyes for each other—I have never seen two male flamingos fall for each other before, although homosexuality is not uncommon in the animal kingdom,” says zookeeper Nigel Jarrett. [Pink News UK]


And speaking of kids, proud papas Jarrod Scarborough and Les Sewell, who publicized their plan to challenge President Obama to sign a federal anti-discrimination bill at yesterday’s White House Easter egg roll, never got the chance to talk to the Commander in Chief at the event, which drew some 30,000 kids and parents. But they were happy the issue got so much media attention. “Given our economy, this is an absolute wonderful chance to get a little bit of information out about this executive order and hopefully get some education and a little push to get it signed,” said Scarborough. [Edge on the Net]


In L.A.’s Silver Lake neighborhood, a set of stairs at the bottom of Cove Avenue was renamed The Mattachine Steps, in honor of the pioneering gay-rights group the Mattachine Society, which held its first meeting at a house there in 1950.  The renaming ceremony took place Saturday, April 7, when Mattachine founder Harry Hay would have turned 100 years old. []



Photo: Valdiney Pimenta, Harry Hay