NEWS: John Waters Hitchhikes, Armenian Gay Bar Torched, Indiana Equality Goes Bust, And More!

The band Here We Go Magic picked up queer auteur John Waters hitchhiking across Ohio. “Mr. Waters is headed across the US. I think we’re dropping him in Indianapolis if u want to grab him next,” bassist Jen Turner tweeted. [Gawker]

Plagued by inefficiency, mismanagement and an embezzlement scandal,  Indiana Equality has filed for bankruptcy. “Our all-volunteer organization has been operating under a very lean, shoestring budget to strengthen our grassroots efforts and collaboration across the state, which makes this decision additionally painful,” said IE communications chair Robin Lange. [Bilerico Project]

Sacred Heart Academy graduate Dominic Sheahan-Stahl, who was uninvited from speaking at his alma mater after Bishop Joseph R. Cistone realized he was openly gay, will instead deliver his address at “Graduation for All,” a special event at Central Michigan University on May 20. “I was always taught that God is love and I hope that that my brother and other students will come away from my speech with the knowledge that all people deserve to be treated equally,” said Sheahan-Stahl.  [GLAAD]

Two brothers have been arrested for bombing DIY Rock Bar in Yerevan, Armenia, a popular hangout for the city’s LGBT community. Owner Armine “Tsomak” Oganezova said she believed “the arson attack on the pub had been committed by members of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation,” a reputed neo-Nazi hate group. [Armenia Now]

Topeka elementary-schooler Josef Miles, 9, staged a one-boy counterdemonstration against the Westboro Baptist Church on Saturday, holding a homemade sign that read “God Hates No One” in front of protestors from WBC. “He’s growing up to be a fine young man,” said Miles’ mom, Patty Akrouche. I got my Mother’s Day gift a day early.” [Augusta Chronicle].
Photos: @turnerjen, GLAAD