NEWS: John Waters Hitchhikes, Armenian Gay Bar Torched, Indiana Equality Goes Bust, And More!

The band Here We Go Magic picked up queer auteur John Waters hitchhiking across Ohio. “Mr. Waters is headed across the US. I think we’re dropping him in Indianapolis if u want to grab him next,” bassist Jen Turner tweeted. [Gawker]

Plagued by inefficiency, mismanagement and an embezzlement scandal,  Indiana Equality has filed for bankruptcy. “Our all-volunteer organization has been operating under a very lean, shoestring budget to strengthen our grassroots efforts and collaboration across the state, which makes this decision additionally painful,” said IE communications chair Robin Lange. [Bilerico Project]

Sacred Heart Academy graduate Dominic Sheahan-Stahl, who was uninvited from speaking at his alma mater after Bishop Joseph R. Cistone realized he was openly gay, will instead deliver his address at “Graduation for All,” a special event at Central Michigan University on May 20. “I was always taught that God is love and I hope that that my brother and other students will come away from my speech with the knowledge that all people deserve to be treated equally,” said Sheahan-Stahl.  [GLAAD]

Two brothers have been arrested for bombing DIY Rock Bar in Yerevan, Armenia, a popular hangout for the city’s LGBT community. Owner Armine “Tsomak” Oganezova said she believed “the arson attack on the pub had been committed by members of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation,” a reputed neo-Nazi hate group. [Armenia Now]

Topeka elementary-schooler Josef Miles, 9, staged a one-boy counterdemonstration against the Westboro Baptist Church on Saturday, holding a homemade sign that read “God Hates No One” in front of protestors from WBC. “He’s growing up to be a fine young man,” said Miles’ mom, Patty Akrouche. I got my Mother’s Day gift a day early.” [Augusta Chronicle].
Photos: @turnerjen, GLAAD

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  • Johnny

    Title misspelled “Armenian”

  • doug105

    And left out the part about just who bailed the nazi wannabe’s out.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    More news: 1st Gay Popstar Tracks to #1 on Billboard 200

    For the first time in history, 60 years, an out gay artist (since the beginning of their career) is sitting in #1 sales position on Billboard 200 (the album sales chart) with a new album debut, Adam Lambert -Trespassing Deluxe Album.

    There are two versions, the Deluxe Album is the one being tracked.

    For those who claim Gaga “counts”, no, her first #1 was Born This Way. So this is a big deal. His first album peaked at #3 and included Thanksgiving shopping week.

    Soundscan tracks the 1st four days this week as: Adam Lambert is #1, #2 Adele, #3 Tenacious D, #4 Carrie Underwood (last week’s #1).

    iTunes, 38% of the Soundscan Building Chart numbers, had him in #1 all week until dropping to #2 yesterday, after Idol released their final 3 album after Thursday’s performance.

    Lambert did Idol on Thursday, a concert last night with multiple bands in a Chicago college town (not usually Lambert friendly), and Tweet stalking shows a ton of former mostly younger demographic non-fans raving about him and buying the album.

    In another shocking LOL development, Justin Beiber’s fans, “The Beliebers” were campaigning for Adam Lambert all week on Twitter. Nobody knows why but yay ha ha. And they didn’t even make repeated gay references which it pretty unusual for young girls. You can usually see them saying “OMG whyyy is he gay” or “OMG all the cute ones are gaaaayyy”. Like they invented the concept :)

    Not surprisingly, Twitter also had quite a few homophobic tweets of aholes with nothing better to do than take the time to tweet hate. Some were smart a$$ college girls at the show waiting for their preferred band but others were men just randomly hating.

    He has to maintain his #1 position until Sunday and there’s a chance Adele will pass and block him, her numbers are unheard of. The final report will come out Wednesday.

    So whether you think he can’t sing (eyeroll), think he’s a jerk, hate pop music, don’t buy music, or any other reason you think you don’t care, PLEASE BUY THE ALBUM – TRESPASSING DELUXE EDITION- and strike a small blow for LGBT. It’s around $12.00. The deluxe edition has 15 tracks. If you don’t want to buy the album for a whole $12.00 you can buy the single Never Close Our Eyes online.

    The album is good – NO bad reviews! It has a Metacritic score of 80 which is high. Born This Way is 70. You can hear longish snippets on iTunes but they are only part of each song and each song has tempo changes. bass lines, and other stuff that you can’t hear on the snippets.Half the album is dance-ish/mid-tempo/fast and the other half is mid-tempo and ballads. The entire album is gay referenced BUT generically relateable for hetero people. The “dance” tracks aren’t pure electro or Gaga type dancey but more fusion of funk and pop. The tone of the album he came up with creating the tone with Pharrell. References could be Prince, Michael Jackson, Queen if they were working in 2012. But it’s not derivative.

    If you’re going to buy it:

    ****Don’t order the physical CD online**** do the download or go to a physical store…because it won’t be reported on Soundscan in time for the report – until it ships and your card is billed. Same for physical CD sales on his website, they won’t be reported in time now.

    Today or tomorrow, buy the physical CD in a major name physical store Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble or Best Buy (not all stores count towards the report)….OR download online preferably on iTunes. Other download sites are Amazon and Barnes & Noble or but DOWNLOAD it, don’t order the physical cd. BTW they just put the physical CD priced at 8.99 on his site if you don’t want to spend 12.00 and don’t want to download. The sale probably won’t make the chart this week but will boost his overall sales and next week’s chart.

    One Best Buy store sold 300 copies in 2 days. Some Walmart shelves are empty with stock in the back and Glamberts are asking them to stock it (lol).

    If you chose iTunes you need an email address and a (free) iTunes account.

  • DouggSeven

    Make a new movie already, John!

  • MikeUK

    Hitchiking these days is just dangerous and stupid even if you are John Waters.

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