News Networks Love Using Hate Group Members For Conservative Values Pieces

The Family Research Council is a Southern Poverty Law Center-certified hate group lead by Tony Perkins, a guy who has openly called gays child-molesting, perverted, Satanic terrorists. And for some reason, news networks like MSNBC, FOX and CNN keep calling in Perkins and his ilk whenever they wanna discuss conservative and religious issues—is this just an ongoing ratings stunt?

According to a report from Equality Matters, since being labelled as a hate group by the SLPC last November, FRC spokespersons have been invited 52 times to discuss things like the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal and the 2012 presidential campaign on the three major cable news networks. And out of those 52 times, only twice have the networks mentioned that the Family Research Council is a hate group that advocates psychologically-damaging ex-gay therapy and compares gay people to barnyard animals.

There’s no doubt as to why the FRC is a hate group, but the real question is why networks consider the FRC as a valid source for news analysis and worse, why the so-called news networks are afraid to call the FRC the hate group that it is.

Image via Family Research Council