Newsom Sort Of Responds To Gay Day Scandal

In non Ann Coulter-related news, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s office responsed to conservative outcry over the city’s one-off “Colt Studio Day” by saying they’ll be more mindful of their celebratory declarations.

Of the porntastic proclamation, Bill O’Reilly said,

There is not another city in the country that has ever had a ‘gay porn day. And you wonder why your city is looked upon as a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah?

The mayor’s office insists that Newsom makes over 2,000 similar announcements every year and that sometimes the specifics get lost in the shuffle. Though Newsom’s spokesman Nathan Ballard didn’t say they were wrong to honor Colt, he did say:

If there are any questions about proclamations, they will be reviewed. There’s just going to be a stricter review process from now on. The mayor is concerned about it. And we’ve changed the policy to reflect that.

He failed to say how they were going to change the policy, but one hopes that Newsom will read before he signs.

State assemblyman and known homosexual Mark Leno also signed the official announcement, but certainly doesn’t think the city should be apologizing to O’Reilly and his ilk:

The owners of the studio are taxpaying, law-abiding San Francisco employers who promote safe sex. With a war out of control and the planet’s temperature rising, I would have hoped Bill O’Reilly had more pressing issues to discuss.

Oooo, bitchy!

For their part, Colt insists they’re just “a classy company”. We suppose it’s all relative.