Newsom: “We Can Stand Up To Right-Wing Extremists.”

Gavin Newsom isn’t taking any chances on Proposition 8!

The mayor of San Francisco this weekend released a video urging his fellow Californians to fight the ballot measure, which would revoke gay people’s right to marry. Newsom also penned a piece on Huffington Post in which he writes:

Proposition 8 is a terrible attack on our lesbian and gay friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members. But the response of our community shows the best of California — hundreds of thousands of regular people across the state joining together almost spontaneously to say “NO” to using our laws to hurt our fellow Californians.

“Yes we can” has a whole new meaning in California today. We are showing that we can stand up to right-wing extremists and protect equal rights for every single Californian.

Let’s show that we can every single day until the polls close on November 4th.

Damn straight!