Newsom’s Gay Day Draws Fire

San Francisco’s long been a homo-hub. No surprise, then, that gay porn-centric Colt Studio has used the hilly sea-side city as its HQ for forty years, churning out such hits as Waterbucks 2 and Buckaroos.

In honor of the company’s geographical camaraderie, Mayor Gavin Newsom and two other city officials proclaimed last Friday “Colt Studio Day”. Conservatives, meanwhile, took aim at the liberal lad. Reverend Louis P. Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition said:

San Francisco has proven yet again why they remain the mocked city of the country. No other major city in the nation has gone so far as to blatantly glorify a homosexual porn producer and company.

Hmm, we had no idea SF’s the most mocked city in America. We thought that was Gary, Indiana.

Not one to miss a good finger-wagging, Bill O’Reilly mused:

There is not another city in the country that has ever had a ‘gay porn day. And you wonder why your city is looked upon as a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah?

Sounds like he’s been trading notes with Sheldon because, again, we were unaware of this reputation. We must be reading different bathroom walls.