Newspaper Bans Same-Sex Wedding Annoucements, Censors Pro-Gay Journalists

censorshipA small town Mississippi newspaper is taking a stand against marriage equality… by banning any same-sex wedding announcements from publication while forbidding employees from expressing support for the cause.

Earlier this month, employees of Mississippi’s third-largest newspaper, Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, plus several other smaller weeklies owned by the same publisher, received an internal memo from Charlotte Wolfe, the company’s associate publisher, informing them of a new company policy.

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“Journal, Inc. has made a policy decision to not accept wedding/engagement notices from samesex [sic] couples,” Wolfe wrote. “Please communicate to anyone else on your staff who would be taking this information from walkin [sic] customers.”

Wolfe then went on to say that employees were not allowed to share their feelings about marriage equality in their columns or on social media.

“A decision has been made that the Journal’s editorial board will not take a position on the recent Supreme Court decision,” she wrote. “Because the company is not taking an editorial position on this, we need to follow suit, and not take positions editorially or in personal columns.”

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She continued: “We need to remember that we and our employees all are representatives of Journal, Inc. 24/7. Our job is to report the news objectively and we can’t do this if we’re also on social media sharing our opinions. We have a right to our opinions, but because we are so tightly connected to our newspaper products, we don’t need to vocalize this on social media … whether we realize it or not, people see that as the paper’s opinion.”

But apparently the new censorship rule didn’t apply to the newspapers owner, Clay Foster. Because two days later, he published a column about why gay marriage is “contrary to God’s Word.”

“There’s not enough room in this column to cover all that God says about homosexuality,” Foster wrote, “but note a few passages…”

He then quote passages from Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:26, 27, and 1 Corinthians 6:9-11.

How’s that for “objectivity”?

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h/t: The Huffington Post