Newspaper Diligently Corrects the Record About Adam Lambert’s Kissing v. Licking

When I spotted Adam Lambert licking his male bassist — the same one he “engaged with” at the American Music Awards — during a Nokia Theater performance in New York, I didn’t know whether that was a new thing, or he’d be doing that during the whole Glam Nation Tour. You let me know: It was new! The New York Times, evidently, was also flummoxed; writes the paper in a correction: “A music review on Thursday about a concert at the Nokia Theater on Tuesday night by the singer Adam Lambert referred incorrectly to kissing between Mr. Lambert and his bass player, Tommy Joe Ratliff. During the song “Fever,” they licked each other’s lips; Mr. Ratliff did not merely give Mr. Lambert a quick peck on the shoulder. (He did that later in the show.)”