Newt Gingrich Accepts That Marriage Equality Is A “Reality.” What’s Next—Gravity?

newt727If you didn’t think our doomsday countdown proved the world is ending tomorrow, this breaking item should shore things up for you: GOP bigwig Newt Gingrich admitted to The Huffington Post that, “the reality is going to be that in a number of American states—and it will be more after 2014 —gay relationships will be legal, period.”

Wow, a Republican actually looked at the sky and said it was blue!

But how does that square with the fact that the former House Speaker was one of the architects of DOMA? “I didn’t think [same-sex marriage] was inevitable 10 or 15 years ago, when we passed the Defense of Marriage Act. It didn’t seem at the time to be anything like as big a wave of change as we are now seeing.”

So basically Gingrich based his view on what he thought was popular, not on what was just.

Of course, being a GOP stalwart, Newt couldn’t conduct an interview without pissing on Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney:  “I would have probably done better,” he opined about his former rival. “I don’t want to be arrogant and say I would have done better [but] I would say my impression is that, from the Obama team’s standpoint, the two candidates they found the hardest to cope with were Perry and me.”

We’re gonna go out on a limb and say Newt and Rick were the hardest for anyone to cope with.

While we can’t imagine Gingrich’s comments will have an immediate impact on GOP legislation or strategy, they do help carve out a space in Conservativeland for Republicans who support LGBT equality. “Our party must keep pace with the American people if it is to remain relevant in the political process, and as we saw in the recent election, we have some changes to make,” the group Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry declared in a statement. “Mr. Gingrich’s call for Republicans to acknowledge widespread support for equal treatment of all loving, committed couples is a good start. We hope other leading Republicans will follow suit.”

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  • Cam

    So Gingrich is saying that now gays should it adultry and divorce their spouses while they are in the hospital and inform them of the divorce by fax?

    That would make our marriges equal to his.

  • ChiChi Man

    The desperation of the Young Conservatives is hilarious, clutching at any crumb.

    Gingrich stated that he doesn’t agree with marriage equality, but that he accepts that it’s an inevitability (kinda like cancer). It’s better than nothing, but I’d rather support candidates who support me — not those who merely tolerate me. I guess that’s because I have self-respect.

  • mcflyer54

    Actually Newt is.(not surprisingly) wrong on the Demorats thinking he and Perry were their biggest threats. Perry, once he entered the primary, was nothing but a joke and not even feared by his primary opponents. The Dems, at the time of the primary, would haved loved to have run in the general election against either serial adulterer Gingrich or wackjob Santorium. They honestly thought Romney, with the exception of Huntsman who stood no chance of getting the nomination, would be the most difficult to beat – that was until Mitt surrounded himself with what might have been the most incompetent campaign staff in modern history and began getting all of their political news and polling data from Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.

  • LubbockGayMale

    Newt is either: recognizing the facts of the matter, or he’s looking for gay support in 2016 run… either way, why would we help him?
    And please, folks, someone take Perry! Here in TX we’re getting fed up with him!

  • MK Ultra

    Oh, so now it is blatantly obvious that Marriage Equality is where America is headed, this dick wants to jump onboard like so many shameless flip floppers.
    And when it becomes the law of the land, and it enjoys majority popularity, people like Grinchy will claim “I was a pioneer of gay rights”!

  • Charli Girl

    YES i agree they can come and take him and La. Jendel FOR FREEEEEEE!!!!
    If ur n Tx 2.. did u c him in tv the other day about gun control?
    geeez wanted to pull the covers over my head n stay there til theres anoth Gov election!!!
    hes so embarrassing!!! Hopefully Annisse wil run next election!!!

  • brent

    @MK Ultra: Wants to jump on board like so many shameless flip floppers….you couldn’t describe Obama or the Clinton’s the same way?

  • ChiChi Man

    @brent: Apples and oranges, Brent. You can almost have Bill because of DADT of DOMA, but please list one piece of homophobic legislation signed or even supported by Hilary or Obama (I can name quite a few for Newt). Obama and the Clintons have not fully supported LGBT issues in the past, but Gingrich has a LEGACY of using the LGBT community as punching bag. One of my favorite Gingrich statements: “There is a gay and secular fascism in this country that wants to impose its will on the rest of us.” (2008). He’s also blamed “gay and secular fascism” for the economic crisis. Please provide a quote from Obama or Clinton that demonizes us in this fashion.

    Gingrich has supported a Constitutional Amendment to end marriage equality. Please find a quote from Obama or the Clintons supporting such an Amendment. Gingrich has been against gays adopting children. Again, find a quote from Obama or the Clintons. Gingrich was against the repeal of DADT and stated that he was for its reinstatement. Again, you get Bill, but you don’t get Hilary or Obama.

    Finally, Gingrich has stated that being gay is a choice. You won’t find any high-ranking Democrat who has made such a disgusting statement.

  • DanteL

    @ChiChi Man & @brent: I would also like to throw out there that Bill has stated that DOMA and DADT were some of the biggest mistakes of his life…not his career…but his life (and he said this in a non election year when nobody was listening). I don’t know that’d we see Repugs saying the same thing. I certainly don’t excuse Democrats action (or inaction for some of them) but they certainly have moved on a lot of issues in the last 4 years or so and they are clearly on the right side of history. When you still see Republicans wondering out loud if evolution is a real thing or saying that God intended for women to be raped or that they have magic vaginas or that there are going to be gay gang rapes in the military because of DADT’s repeal, it’ll never be a fair comparison on much of anything.

  • tjr101

    @ChiChi Man: In one ear and out the next ChiChi Man, Brent is your typical gay Repug that ignores facts and reality. Tax cuts and the big lie of GOP fiscal responsibility are more important in their little worlds.

  • brent

    @tjr101: fiscal responsibilty…I would take the right to work states over the union states any day. The economies of union states like ill., ca. and new york are in far worse shape than the right to work states.

  • D9W

    With Judge Bork kicking the bucket, Newt must be worrying a little, he’s not getting younger.

  • technicolornina

    HAHAHAHAHAHA brent, I live in a right to work state. It’s called “Arizona” and our economy is in the toilet. Wanna try again?

  • D9W

    @brent: I think technicolornina got it right! California got into trouble because the GOP of their state boxed themselves into a corner so they can get enough money do manage the things they got. Ever hear of Prop 13- No? GO look at it on Wiki.

  • D9W

    @brent: I think technicolornina got it right! California got into trouble because the GOP of their state boxed themselves into a corner so they can NOT get enough money do manage the things they got. Ever hear of Prop 13- No? GO look at it on Wiki. Sorry- Missed typed there.

  • tjr101

    @brent: You mean all those redstates with economies in the crapper? Those redstates that receive more federal tax money than they contribute? Those redstates that mooch off welfare more than any other? Those redstates which for years have elected majority Republicans and they have the least health insured citizens?
    Yeah, you can have them!

  • brent

    @technicolornina: Do you want to exchange Ariona for Michigan or california. I doubt it.

  • brent

    @D9W: Are you liberals still harping on prop. 13 that was way back in 1978. What do you want to do? raise tax’s to the point where you drive all the businessmen out of california.

  • brent

    @tjr101: With all the problems you mentioned the fact is in the last census the red states picked up cong. seats, the blue states lost them. In otherwords people are moving out of the union states and into the right to work states. Why?

  • ChiChi Man

    I have thank Brent profusely. I used to think he was a troll, but I think he’s here to get us to do research. Because of him, I’ve learned that Latinos and Blacks support marriage equality, I’ve learned how odious Newt Gingrich truly is, and now I’m researching economies in the Southern states and learning how bad things truly are down there.

  • GayBacon

    @brent: Slippery slopes, Brent, are meant for Gay Ski Week. Being a Union state will not lead to economic doom and becoming right to work won’t lead to economic booms. If it were that easy, job markets world wide would become right to work. AND raising taxes won’t send people running for the red hills. What it will do is give workers bargaining leverage and pay debt that’s already owed.

  • brent

    @GayBacon: You seem to miss the point, bargaining leverage is the main cause of public debt. The public employees give money to politicans so when elected they will support higher benefits. That is why we have all this debt, politicans making promises to unions for votes.

  • D9W

    Brent- You don’t have to be a liberal to harp on Prop 13, just go talk to any Californian and ask them how their state is doing. They haven’t pay for things for so long road, building, schools are falling appart. I bet if you ask any Californian you will get an ear full. And I bet if you went and talked to a California Business owner they would tell you the same because Prop 13 hurt them too. Sense you’re so big on Newt and his conservatism why not quit your job and move over to China? There your conservatism values would be appreciated. You could work for $2.00 an hour for the same job your doing right now and have only one day off a month. You know the same two days off you have here thanks to unions, but there it’s only one day. Oh and you have to pay for your Room and Board, unlike the union jobs here in the US. And that room and Board will cost you more then you make per week or month- just like what your conservative buddies would like to do here. I know you just don’t want to pay for your fair share, so China is for you.

  • brent

    @D9W: I went back to look at my posts to find where i said i was big on Newt, i didn’t find where i said that. Who do you think voted for prop. 13, people from another planet. The reason california doesn’t have money for roads etc. is because most of the money goes to filling the treasury of the unions. California spends most of it’s infrastructure funds on pensions for public employees, not on building roads.There is a tendency anong liberals to credit unions with things they are not reponsible for. Henry Ford created the first min. wage not the unions. As for china the cost of living could be different there. The fact is the people in China wants these jobs, the people who work in these factories would be upset if the factories were to leave. As for cheap products do you want americans to only shop at the more expensive mom and pop stores. What do people with fixed incomes do. They need walmart and you want them to shop at the more expensive stores that they cannot afford.

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