Newt Gingrich Complains That Gays Have Made Catholics Outlaws

Why does Newt Gingrich get to appear on serious television shows when his career barely qualifies him for Celebrity Apprentice?

In an effort to bring balance to the Sunday talk show circuit by booking someone who represents alternate forms of reality, Meet the Press had Gingrich on as a guest to argue that homosexuals (yes, you!) are making Catholics outlaws. Really.

The problem with the gays, says Gingrich, is “the one-sidedness of the desire for rights.” Because seeking protections from people discriminating against you violates the rights of people who want to discriminate against you. Gingrich’s case in point: Catholics who are “outlawed” from adoption services in Massachusetts and D.C.

Except, of course, it was the Catholic hierarchy that pulled the plug accepting public funding in both places because it couldn’t do so and still discriminate against same-sex couples. Undeterred, Gingrich insisted that the Catholics were the winners of the victimhood sweepstakes.

“This passing reference to religion, we sort of respect religion — sure, as long as you don’t practice it,” Gingrich asserted, before going completely off the rails and arguing that for “any institution which does not automatically accept [gay rights]…you’re going to have a secular state say to a wide range of religious groups… ‘You cannot practice your religion the way you believe it, and we will outlaw your institutions.'”

Getting morality lectures from Gingrich is pretty rich, given his own history. More to the point, how desperate do talk show bookers have to be to resort to a has-been who is going to recycle the same old arguments. Time to move outside the Beltway bubble, folks. The ’90s aren’t calling any more.