Newt Gingrich Forced To Answer For His Anti-Gay, Pro-Divorce Brand of ‘Family Values’

Last night during a speech at the University of Pennsylvania, Newt Gingrich was confronted by a student for being pro-family values, or whatever, while also being thrice married and an opponent to gay rights. I love college!

Isabel Friedman, president of the Penn Democrats, was the first at the mic to quiz Gingrich in front of a crowd of 800, and opined: “You adamantly oppose gay rights… but you’ve also been married three times and admitted to having an affair with your current wife while you were still married to your second. As a successful politician who’s considering running for president, who would set the bar for moral conduct and be the voice of the American people, how do you reconcile this hypocritical interpretation of the religious values that you so vigorously defend?”


And how did the presidential possibility, who attacked President Bill Clinton for stepping outside his marriage, field the loaded question? Like so: “I’ve had a life which, on occasion, has had problems. I believe in a forgiving God, and the American people will have to decide whether that their primary concern. If the primary concern of the American people is my past, my candidacy would be irrelevant. If the primary concern of the American people is the future… that’s a debate I’ll be happy to have with your candidate or any other candidate if I decide to run.”

Well isn’t that just a lovely invitation for us to continue challenging Gingrich on being an officer in the Moral Police while systematically violating his own code.

This isn’t the first time in recent memory that Gingrich was challenged on his anti-gay views. Just a few weeks ago, he tripped over himself in trying to explain how he can claim to protect the sanctity of marriage (by banning it from gay couples) while abusing the right himself.