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The next season of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ could have a MAJOR twist

RuPaul‘s Drag Race has been gracing the airwaves for nine, soon to be ten, seasons.

Then there’s All Stars, which has brought back queens from previous seasons twice now.

That’s over a decade’s worth of reality television, and we all know the medium thrives off of twists. Just ask the president.

A new queen is joining the group after the third episode? 

The queens have to vote… each other off?!

A double elimination? Whaaaaat?!?

The show has had twist after twist, and we give a Valentina gasp each time, no matter how predictable they are — keep ’em coming, Ru.

And on a recent episode of RuPaul’s podcast with Michelle Visage, What’s the Tee?, another major potential twist has been floated for season three of All Stars.

At one point, Ru, Michelle and guest — season 5 winner Jinkx Monsoon — started talking about how amazing it would be to do a winner’s All Stars featuring each season’s victorious vixen battling it out for the ultimate crown.

They all agreed it was a killer idea.

Monsoon wondered if the sisterhood of the winners circle would soon deteriorate under the pressure:

“I have this feeling that even though I’m close with all the other winners, we get along great, the reunions come around, we all kiki together, or we all just sit around loving ourselves because (laughing) we’re the winners…

I know we would go into that room, and everything would drop, all the…”

Like me and Sharon, best friends, I know we would walk into that room and immediately start going for each other…. I know that she would play mind games with me. And I would just throw the beads, and let her trip on her own.

And that got Michelle thinking:

“And then you’ve got Bob and Bianca, who are long-time friends, who are both comedy people… And then you have Tyra and BeBe… you can’t be counting any of these motherfuckers out.”

Ru was sold:

“It’s true, and I think you guys have sold me. I think that’s what we have to do…. I loved the pitch…. It’s done!”

We’re ready when you are, VH1!

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  • Xzamilloh

    BobTDQ has long said she would love to do an All Stars with each previous winner, and that would be great. But they probably should have done this before putting Bebe Zahara Benet on AS3, especially since she won Season 1.

  • QJ201

    Simon Cowell said of “World Idol” (featuring a dozen nations Idol winners, Kelly Clarkson came in 2nd)…

    you take a dozen winners and make them losers

    I’d rather see “Runner’s up Revenge” with only 2nd and 3rd place queens competing.

    Or maybe Worst to First, all the first voted off queens come back.

    • DarkZephyr

      I’m with you. I HATE the idea of some of my favorite winners turning into losers.

  • alanballs

    It’s a great idea, but after reading the comments, I agree that I’d also hate to see 9 of our previous winners turn into ‘losers’. But in reality, NONE of the winners, regardless of future competitions, could ever be considered as losers, right?

    In Hollywood, there are many, many actors who’ve won Academy Awards one year, only to lose out the next time they’re nominated….that doesn’t make them losers, does it?

    I do think having a Runner’s up Revenge Season is also a great idea….20 queens duking it out for a second chance would be very exciting TV……

    Let’s face it, whatever Ru decides to do, will be great fun for everyone.

  • Rex Huskey

    for God’s sake…WHO CARES??

  • jag4313

    There should be an All Stars with all the queen who were eliminated first from each season.

    • Gargramel

      Love that idea because many of them just had a cap week and became the first to go. Many of them would have done really well had they been given the chance to continue. Understanding that someone always has to be the first to go they should not eliminate anyone in the first week, thereby. Giving these queens the chance to get over their nerves and really have a fighting chance to propel themselves towards the finish line.

  • Lindoro Almaviva

    I’ve always said a redemption season with 1st and 2nd to leave would be a lot more interesting

  • He BGB

    Why not bring some losers back? Make a show with those who placed 12th and 13th place. Maybe they have improved or even reinvented their drag by now. I believe in second chances. Maybe they were just nervous or overwhelmed.

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