Next Week, the DNC Will Milk Gays for Major Cash. If They Can Get Us To RSVP


Maybe it’s because President Barack Obama has done nothing for gay Americans. Maybe it’s because his fellow Democrats, who control the Senate and the House, have barely made any in-roads in securing rights for GLBTs. Or maybe it’s because the head of the Democratic National Committee, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, is letting his colleagues off the hook for letting discriminatory laws stay on the books. With all the missteps from Democratic elected officials, it’s no wonder the annual DNC fundraiser for queers is facing an uphill battle.

Invited to pay $1,000 (and up to $30,400), gays all over the place appear to be shunning June 25’s Democratic National Committee LGBT Leadership Council dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in D.C. Sure, Joe Biden will be there, and openly gay legislators Barney Frank, Tammy Baldwin, and Jared Polis are co-sponsoring the thing.

But with the repeated bitchslapping of the community, how can any of these folks expect us to show up and write cheques? Even prominent activists say they aren’t going. Hell, even bloggers are refusing to attend!

Until the DNC shows us some progress on gay rights — and steadfastly rescinds the horrific things Obama’s Justice Department said about us in its DOMA brief — they don’t deserve our cash.

Save your money. You’ll be doing more for gay rights if you stay home and fill up your legislator’s voicemail box.