Gay Panic

NFL Player Jonathan Vilma Is Very Afraid That A Gay Player Will Look At Him Naked


Seems like someone thinks he’s a little bit cuter than he actually is…

In a fascinating NFL Gameday profile, pro players have a frank discussion with the NFL’s Chief Correspondent for Player Health and Safety Andrea Kremer about hazing, racism and homophobia in the locker room.

The gay chatter begins around the four-minute mark when New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma seems to be terrified that a gay NFL player may sneak a peek while he’s changing.

If he’s the guy next to me, and you know I get naked…taking a shower, the whole nine, and it just so happens he looks at me, how am I supposed to respond?

This is probably just the type of thinking that stopped those rumored openly gay NFL players from coming out last year

Newsflash to Vilma: There most likely already is a gay player with you in the locker room, and we doubt you’re the object of any of his fantasies.

You’re certainly not the object of any around these parts.

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  • Dakotahgeo

    Poor Jonathan is more afraid that guys will find he has nothing worth looking at, poor fella!

  • Cam

    Wow, so your average woman on the street is far braver and stronger than this sad excuse for a man.

    Women get ooggled everyday and yet this man is terrified that somebody might…..look at him? Why, is he deformed? Small Penis? He should be more worried about the real possibility that any gay people on the team wouldn’t look at him, confirming that ignorance and bigotry are unattractive.

  • Darling Nikki

    The Lady Doth Protesth too Much…

  • michaelmt1009

    Once again a stupid str8 man who thinks that every gay man in the world wants him…Please

  • JennyFromdabloc

    Relax, no one is checking for you, dude.


    I hate to break it to you buddy but lots of gay people have seen you naked before. Gay people are everywhere. Grow a pair and get used to it!

  • ppp111


    I couldn’t agree with you more about how women handle it better. Although some straight men (and maybe a few women) might say that in society it’s only natural for men to gawk at women. But if that gaze was reflected back at them from a gay male perspective, it reduces these guys to objects to be leered at. Basically, how they treat women!

  • that_dude247

    It’s very sad that a 30 y/o man can be this dumb.

  • Mezaien

    @that_dude247: Dumbness is like Christianity a mental condition! take it from me I am behavioral Psychology.

  • GMB

    Queerty, journalism #fail here. Did you watch the guy’s entire comments?

    The rest of you — how many of you WATCHED the video? This guy was edited before he’d finished his comment, and if you watch what he said at first, it’s pretty clear that the player WANTS a gay football teammate to be accepted by the NFL on the whole. He may be ignorant — but he’s certainly not the first straight guy who genuinely doesn’t know how to respond when a gay guy checks him out.

    Do NONE of you have hot straight friends who have asked the same question?

  • Kenover


  • Caleb in SC

    @GMB: No, my straight friends are more evolved than that and do not ask stupid shit.

  • frickeepoo

    @GMB: Thank you for that, Cam. That was my very first thought when I started reading the article – that he’s been quoted out of context and that what he said wasn’t really coming from a place of hatred. But as I said, that was my immediate thought the minute I read the headline. By the time I got to the actual quote I’d been primed for and incited to prejudgment. So thanks for taking me back to reasonability.

  • Curtispsf

    Well, of course if this duded is possibly looked at by a gay man, he should start stroking away just to be sure. And then see what happens;

    Please Mr.Big Tight End….get over yourself.

  • Curtispsf

    Whoa….QUEERTY shame on you for not telling the WHOLE TRUTH about what this guy said. Shame on you. Bad cop…No Donut!

  • CCTR

    Good thing he is asking this question as part of a discussion that the NFL has sanctioned for the purposes of issues around hazing, racism and homophobia in the locker room. Very reasonable question given the context of the discussion.
    It may seem ignorant to some but everyone is entitled to be educated especially if they ask to be. Hopefully the responder was able to adequately enlighten him and ease his concerns.
    Give the guy a break.

  • dm10003

    Well-versed in violence and aggression, ignorant in sex, social interaction, emotion, and friendship.

    The answer is you don’t need to react any differenlty than if you were both dressed. 13-year-old boys handle this better than you.

    I find his complaints useless and unenlightening; they’re just handed-down excuses for what they’re really afraid of.

    Are they worried they’d be associated with gays — a type they feel they are socially above?

    Are they afraid they will look at another man’s naked body and like it?

    Have they been taught that seeing another man’s nakedness and being seen naked should be equated with sin or sexual violence?

    Or is he just from a sexually provincial upbringing?

  • jimbryant

    Jonathan Wilma is your archetypal black ignoramus.

  • jimbryant

    Let me add that there are many black players in the NFL who are totally OK with gay and bi players. I think we also need to focus on the good and not just the ignorant like Vilma.

  • coolgato13

    Really, what is it with these str8 homophobic dudes like Vilma? They need to get over themselves. Just because they check out everything with t*ts & a p**sy that moves, what makes them think we find them so desirable when we have millions of smarter, better in bed choices than them to choose from. I think he is worried that a gay teammate would look at him in the shower, point and laugh!

  • avesraggiana

    What a moron. How could someone so physically powerful and beautiful be so dumb?

  • richard

    Contrary to whatever Belief, Some of us Don’t Do Your Flavor.

  • mydude

    Let’s be clear, many of you need to quit pretending that if he walked into your local bar looking for man ass, most of you wouldn’t turn him down. Let’s not go there, OK?

    I will say that he’s an idiot if he thinks gay players haven’t already seen anything. If he thinks that he’s surrounded by straight dudes 24/7, then he is truly a fool. From the players to the coaches to the staff that surrounds the team. He is insane?

    If nothing has happened in all this time, nothing is going to happen when a player comes out.

  • Andrew Yang

    @Mezaien: I assume you are joking, but as a mental health doctor who must protect the integrity of the profession, I must say that dumbness and Christianity are not mental conditions. They are possibly forms of classical conditioning. Additionally, they are quite separate concepts, as there are loads of Christians who are very open-minded and accepting of sexual orientations beyond heterosexuality, while dumb people just cannot think for themselves hahaha!! Having said that, I agree that this fella is a little dumb….

  • mezzacanadese

    Additionally, Vilna said he does not want a gay team mate and doesn’t think he (the gay team mate) would be accepted as much as “we” think he would. As a black man, who no doubt has encountered at least some form of prejudice in his life, I would think he would be more sympathetic to gay men, who still in this day and age have to put up with so much prejudice.

  • Michael

    Does he realize how many gay’s have looked at him naked in the gym at his schools, at any gym, and no one did anything to him.

  • michaelroy

    This is an idiotic statement. If he’s a real ball player and been playing for years, he should know by now that plenty of guys have already sneaked a peek at his junk (and that’s going back to high school). Some straight and some gay. Why does he care?? Is he packing? or vice versa is he afraid someone will notice he isn’t packing. Wise up dude. You sound beyond juvenile saying dumb sh*t like that. Football is a homoerotic sport. Always has been. Guys slap each other, touch each others’ butts, “bromance” and the whole nine. They just don’t label it anything cause they’re there to play a game like a team and win, not ask each other out on a date, no matter if they’re gay or straight. And somehow I don’t think he’d be too quick to walk away if someone did come on to him. IJS…

  • alanj

    @Andrew Yang:
    As a Mental Health Doctor can you give me an opinion on the resident troll ( Jimbryant) ?
    I’m worried for him.

  • Kangol

    @Darling Nikki:

    Soooooo true! He needs to shut the mouth, because a purse is flying right out.

  • casey

    Well, now you done it, Jonathan, you tease. Now I just have to see what you’re NOT trying to hide.

  • Andrew Yang

    @alanj: Look up Histrionic Personality Disorder. Think Dennis Rodman hahaha! Also throw in Narcissistic Personality Disorder haha!! Just joking….

  • litper

    @GMB: let me guess, are you a gay republican?

  • jimbryant

    Andrew Yang,

    Unlike you, I’m not a PC tool.

  • Mezaien

    On second thought! he don`t want me to see how small is his tool is.

  • murphy0071

    He must have Dinky Winky Syndrome.

  • Respect4all

    “Homophobia: The fear that gay men will treat you the way you treat women.”

  • Andrew Yang

    @Respect4all: I like this…..Permission to borrow it…

  • Play_Ball

    @Cam: I don’t think he said he was terrified, just uncomfortable.

  • Play_Ball

    Congrats to Jonathan Vilma for speaking his mind and sharing his opinion. Based on the comments I’ve read on this board, I see more bigotry and heterophobia here than with Vilma. (i.e. all straight men ogle woman, and no gay men ogle men because they are higher forms of being apparently).

  • alanj

    @Andrew Yang:
    Cheers – hit the nail on the head!

  • monroeplace

    Vilma is really one strange dude.

    I guess he’s never heard of penis envy. Even straight guys at the club, showering, check to see who’s got a bigger dick. Trust me it’s true.

    So now Mr. Vilma relax and ask your coach to install a private shower so you can be safe.

  • cubanogm

    Come on.He is dreaming awake.He is one of the ugliest blacks I have ever seen.Some people,like this guy,are so wrong and concided.What a stupid *ss.

  • cubanogm

    But like Jonathan Vilma I am just exercising my freedom of speech.I have not use foul language but just my honest opinion.In the USA I thought that was a privilige.It may not be agreed by other people but I do not agree with the notion that homosexuality is a sin and I have to put up with insult upon insult about it and all based on a book that was written thousands of year ago for a people and a time.Queerty publishe Vilma PLAY_BALL obnoxious comments so why block mine?.

  • joebatch

    Sorry jonnieboy,But you are no brick house,mighty mighty. The idea of seeing you naked makes me want to loose my last 12 lunches.

  • jimbryant


    So true. Straight-identifying guys check out each other all the time in the showers. In fact, it’s strange if a guy looks away.

    Straight-identifying men check each other out muscle-wise and penis-wise. These are the sign-posts of masculinity and virility. Straight men do this in order to bond with each other and to find their place in the pecking order.

  • Tackle

    @GMB: Thank you for posting that. Queerty is in desperate need of sinsible posters. So before I posted, I read the original interview at the Huffington Post and various other sites. With Queerty’s above titles, (gay panic), and the misquote, or rather, outright lie ( that he is very afriad that a gay player will look at him naked), Queerty definately gets a major fail, and so do many of the posters. He was posing that hypothetically as a question. He was NOT being homophobic, condescending or mean spirited. However I do find many of the posters here being mean spirited. And more so than Jonathan Vilma. And instead of using this opportunity to teach, by informing Mr. Vilma in a kind way, 1. That he or other players “will not be everyones type.” 2.Some gays will be strictly business minded, and do to being under the mircroscope, would be more likely to “Shower & get out.” 3.And truth be told, a gay guy might take peek. Just like a straight guy would, we here at Queerty choose to be our own, hateful, bitter, bitchy judemental selves. And Mr.Vilma would be lying if he says that he’s never taken a look at a naked teammate. It’s a guy thing, with various reasons.

  • anitaha milton

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  • Dev.C

    Hahaha is Vilma a insecure teenager? who gives a damn who looks at you in the locker room? I swear straight people really need to grow the hell up and use some common sense.

  • Spike

    Funny, if there was a hot asian guy in the same shower, I wouldn’t be looking at him, wouldn’t even notice he was there.

  • spencer87

    He should be afraid.I would be looking.I might cop a feel….He’s cute,but yet another stereotypical/homophobic Jock.Next—>

  • spencer87

    @spencer87: I saw more pics…so I take the cute comment back.

  • mz.sam

    Missy Vilma shouldn’t flatter hisself! Nobody is fool enuf to look at his flaccid homeboy ego.

  • Wizzard

    AWWWWWW Poor baby!! GROW UP!! It’s 2014, dude!!!

  • BikerPup

    What Johnathan Vilma is *REALLY* afraid of is that he will look back and hold the gaze too long and be found out.

  • MrEguy

    Seems the real issue is he’s AFRAID of how he may “respond” …

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