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NFL Rookies Are Asked the Darndest Things. Like Whether They Sleep With Other Men

If you want to earn the big bucks, you’ve got to surrender your most inner desires. Like whether you like McDonald’s or Burger King. Or, uh, other stuff. “Following the storm surrounding Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland asking Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant if his [lesbian] mother was a prostitute, for which Ireland later apologized, NFL rookies at minicamps last weekend told The Associated Press they fielded some oddball inquiries from team executives before the draft. Bengals fourth-round pick Geno Atkins [pictured] said one club, he couldn’t recall which, asked him about his sexual orientation. ‘The only unusual question I got was if I was straight or gay,’ said Atkins, a defensive tackle from Georgia whose father, Gene, played 10 seasons in the league. ‘And that was about it.'” [AP]