NFLer Craig James Warns Satan Is Coming! Gay Marriage Will “Alter All Of Society!”

Craig-James-FaceWhen will Craig James ever learn? Signs indicate: Never.

The retired NFLer already lost a Senate election in 2012 and was canned from his job as a commentator at Fox Sports (after just one episode) in 2013 for his extreme antigay views. Now, the 54-year-old went on Tony Perkins’ Washington Watch radio program to air his thoughts on gay marriage. And guess what? He still thinks it’s absolutely, positively Evil with a capital “E.”

“That’s Satan working on us!” James warned listeners, adding that anyone who supports same-sex marriage has a serious “problem with God.”

James also said that he’s deeply concerned about teams like the New England Patriots, the Tampa Bay Rays, and the San Francisco Giants, all of which have publicly voiced support of marriage equality. He fears this sort of tolerance could lead to an “implosion” in team locker rooms as it will intimidate homophobic players from voicing their hatred of gay people.

“If I were a current player in that locker room and my livelihood depended on me being quiet or losing it because of my belief system,” he said, “I’d worry.”

And with support for marriage equality at an all-time high, James also fears things are only going to get worse, much worse, for God-fearing people such as himself.

“There’s no avoiding this conflict,” James lamented. “It’s coming! We redefine marriage and with it everything else in society. It’s not so much about the marriage altar, this redefinition of marriage, it’s about altering all of society.”

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