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NH Rep. Nancy Elliott Wants to ‘Rethink’ Gay Marriage Because 5th Graders Are Learning About Penises In Butts

This is Nancy Elliott. She is a Republican state representative in New Hampshire. And on Tuesday, she spoke to colleagues on the Judiciary Committee about HB 1590, a GOP-led effort to repeal the state’s gay marriage law. In voicing her support for the bill, she decided to describe what happens when two men lay down in bed together. She questions its normalcy and ultimately decides anal sex — “taking the penis of one man and putting in the rectum … and wiggling it around in excrement” — is not for her. “Would I allow that to be done to me? … Is that normal? Is that something we want to portray as the same as the one flesh union between a man and a woman? I don’t know.” Of course what Rep. Elliott misses is that marriage is not about fucking. Nor does the state have the right to legislate what goes on behind closed doors. Lawrence v. Texas, anyone?

And here lies the ultimate obstacle in securing equality legislation: People are scared of the type of sex gays have. Mostly, gay men.

Elliott, predictably, worries about the children. She doesn’t want kids — fifth graders! — learning about how two men can enjoy each other’s bodies. We share that concern; we don’t necessarily want young kids, in public schools, exposed to the ins and outs of intercourse, whether it’s between two men or two women or a man and a woman. (When it’s time to teach sex ed, however, we’re complete supporters of incorporating same-sex sex in those lessons.)

But teaching school children about different types of families is not the same thing. Kids’ history textbooks are filled with historical references to married heterosexual couples and heterosexual relationships; even their math workbooks will include examples of mommies and daddies. That gay marriage was legalized in New Hampshire is not reason to be scared; it’s reason to embrace a new frontier of civil rights that today’s children — the ones in school right this second — can be the first generation to truly learn about.

That’s remarkable. The disgusting argument from Elliott — who enjoys a heterosexual marriage with her husband Glen — is not.

(Elliott’s publicly available contact information, including her home address, is here.)

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  • David Ehrenstein

    Straights are OBSESSED with anal intercourse. Far more than any gay man i’ve ever known in my 63 years. It’s beyond pathetic. They imagine anal intercourse to be the be-all and end-all (to mix a metaphor) of Teh Ghey. And they won’t listen to anything else. Not our lives. Not out histories. Not our words. Not our deeds. Not about the wide variety od things we do when we make love.

    YES, LOVE!

    They don’t know anythign about love. And we do. That’s why they hate us.

    And that’s why —

    Nancy Elliot is ONE SICK CUNT!

  • Maikeru48

    Wait, did she just disclose the fact that she’s not into anal in the middle of a state judiciary committee meeting? Aaaawkwaaaard…

  • GimmeABreak

    A CDC report indicated 75 – 80% of gay men engage in anal sex. However, 35 – 40% of heterosexuals reported engaging in anal sex. Given that 95% of the population is heterosexual, that means way more heterosexuals than homosexuals are engaging in anal sex. So, if this Republican chick ain’t gettin banged in the ass then she might want to have her husband followed. Chances are he’s banging some other chick in the ass.

  • Fitz

    Both vaginas and assholes are multi-taskers. I don’t think most hetty couples refuse to have sex just because urine, blood, mucus, and their babies come out of a vagina. And my house has this magic thing called a shower. It allows us to clean up after sex. I may suggest that the good republican consider trying one someday.

  • Josh

    “taking the penis of one man and putting in the rectum … and wiggling it around in excrement”

    WOW!!! They think we “wiggle it around in excrement” LOL

    Feces isn’t kept in the retcum, it just goes through it.

    If people empty out when they defecate and they clean properly— NO EXCREMENT.


    They think we have anal sex impromptu without making sure everything is clean.


  • AlwaysGay

    The sex fallback. Heterosexuals use sex to undermine gay people because for them sex plus gay people always equals something bad.

  • Benjamin

    Why do I always thing we are farther along than we really are? And is that how her sex goes? She takes the penis of a man and wiggles it around in her vagina? No wonder she’s so uptight. BLEH.

  • Dasher

    When straights wanted to put us down, they always called us cocksuckers. Whatever happened to that fine tradition?

  • David

    Someone should send her a 10 hour compilation video of straight female porn actresses getting their asses fucked.

  • D

    @Fitz: I agree with you, except probably you should know that urine does not come out of the vagina unless something is terribly wrong …

  • Mike L.

    Wow what a stupid btch. Did she bring actual prove that that was going on? No. How can ppl take that sort of hear say especially with that subject matter as fact w/o prove. And you could tell that loon was making it up as she goes and at the same time praying to god b/c she’s being deceptive.

  • sammie

    So is she just against men having sex together and is okay with lesbians? What an awkward women to even say something like that, but I guess most people with her bias think it, but never say it.

    because they know they will sound ridiculous. i feel sorry for her husband, because he’s missing out, and shouldn’t she as a conservative realize she has to do everything to make her man happy? because as she knows that is the job of a wife, to serve her man in every way possible, because the bible tells us so. ughhhhhhh.

    charming isn’t she?

  • Flex

    Religious homophobes are perverts! This crazy bitch is sexualizing a non-sexual situation! Fifth graders aren’t learning about gay sex any more than they’re learning about straight sex. Religious homophobes always sexualize everything! Religious homophobes are perverts!

  • Lukas P.

    Buy that woman a bidet!
    Ms Nancy has apparently not read “Joy of Sex.” As Gimmeabreak said, about 35-40% of hetero couples engage in the anal action, and I’ll add that the % is on the rise. Younger couples skew in the higher “end” of the 40% range.

    I truly wonder why she’s obsessed with this subject. Has she not heard of anal hygiene? Yeeeesh.

  • InscrutableTed

    “Wiggle”? She means “thrust”, right? Hot, manly, thrusting.

    Also, if excrement is involved, someone isn’t getting enough fibre.


    Well. I dont agree with this. Its none of her business the goings on of people in the bedroom.

    My issue with gay marriage is the principle not what two men or women.

  • Truth B. Told


    Well, not technically correct. During pregnancy, urine and feces do accumulate and eventually come out of a woman’s vagina. So, yes, the “icky poo” factor could very much apply to that female orifice which is not above being besmirched from time to time itself.

    Besides: good hygiene, a douche bag (with Rep. Nancy Elliott face printed on it )and, especially, a condom each time would totally eliminate any fussy concerns in that area — not to mention STDs.



    Starting at about the beginning of the second trimester, the developing baby swallows amniotic fluid and urinates it back out. This keeps amniotic fluid levels stable. A kidney problem or a urinary blockage may lead to insufficient amniotic fluid, causing fetal compression and miscarriage or stillbirth.


    It has long been thought that babies do not defecate while in the womb, storing all solid waste (meconium) in the bowel until after birth. But recent sonogram research indicates that some defecation into the amniotic fluid may in fact be normal. Postnatal complications can arise if a substantial amount of meconium is released, for example, as a result of fetal distress during labor and delivery.



  • bellyup

    she’s got “bad mommy” written all over her ..

  • Brian NJ

    Straight sex is so much more wholesome to teach five graders, right Nancy? You ignorant fuck?

    Ok class!, open the page with the vaginal diagram, where you can see where some of the dads in the class shlurp and drool right in the moms’ piss hole located right in the middle of her vagina, right above the vaginal opening, where you popped out covered in your blood and feces. http://www.vacadsci.org/jsr/Fexter.jpg Sometimes the dad’s ask the moms to put his pissing device in her anal canal, but she says no. Some mom’s say yes. Dads like it when the moms suck on the dad’s pissing parts, and some dads piss and shit on the moms, who enjoy it. A few use urine and feces in their sex.

    So Nancy, if you want to worry, then worry. But if you want to carve you and your heterosexual neighbors out of your concerns, but only include us in your worries, then FUCK YOU.

  • Truth B. Told


    Toxic Shock Syndrome:

    Women who use tampons may be at increased risk of a rare but serious illness called toxic shock syndrome (TSS). This syndrome is caused by a bacterial infection. If you experience symptoms of toxic shock during your period or in the few days immediately afterward, remove your tampon and visit a doctor or emergency room immediately.

    Symptoms include:
    – sudden high fever–39 degrees Celsius(102 F) or higher
    – vomiting
    – diarrhea
    – muscle aches
    – dizziness, fainting, or near fainting when standing up
    – a rash that looks like a sunburn
    – a putrid, festering pustule that looks like Rep. Nancy Elliot

    You can reduce your risk of toxic shock syndrome by doing the following:

    – use the lowest absorbency tampon possible
    – change your tampon every 6-8 hours
    – alternate between pads and tampons
    – wash your hands before changing your tampon
    – remove your diseased brain from your oozing pussy, Nancy Elliot



  • romeo

    Jeez, this woman needs to be sent to a straight porn site wherein she will see straight people doing all the same things we do, and some stuff that most gay guys would never do. LOL

    Oh yeah, and honey, YOU might not like it up the butt, but plenty of women do. Get over yourself and your delusional smugness.

    Seriously, this needs to be thrown up to these fucktards loud and clear.

  • Charlie

    Got news for the good Rep. Straight men and women have anal sex. Just Google Anal Sex, there are plenty of porns out there to validate that.

    Or as the great Soph recalls

    “Soph, this is the tightest you have ever been”
    “Ernie, get off my back”

  • Ben

    She may have just described it “in detail” but she described it in inaccurate detail. From my understanding, unless something goes horribly wrong, or the people involved are fetishists, there is no “excrement” involved in anal sex, whether the participants are gay or straight.

  • Austin

    It’s easy to call her an idiot, a bigot, uptight….
    But the problem is she is a legislator, which means she
    was elected by a lot of people who think like she does.
    Living in Texas, they are the majority.

    We’re going to have to come up with a more
    effective way of dealing with these people,
    than pretending they don’t or shouldn’t exist.
    A superior high horse attitude is getting us nowhere.

  • pogobock

    This is all Obama’s fault.

  • A now confused John from England

    @pogobock: lol!

  • Elo

    Man, people like this make me ashamed to be straight. Geez.

    You know, I’m starting to think we need a new set of words. A nice homosexual/heterosexual that doesn’t mention sex, so people can stop being such obsessive weirdos and complaining about kids learning about gay sex in school.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    When this Nancy was high-five-ing her colleagues, after her sexually detailed description, that heightens homophobia in an already misinformed community, I hope someone had the heart to tell her that youngsters learn more from their peers than from sex education courses in school. Mercilessness has a face.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    When our story is told, I want this lady’s face and words to be an example of what we, who were born this way, had to tolerate. Documentaries, films, books, poems, paintings, sculptures, murals, and songs need to describe to future generations, what this hatred of gays was. This is the last form of acceptable prejudice being played out before our twitching eyes. We need to build out from it and show it for what it is. This Ms. Nancy Elliot must be included in these projects. We cannot be silent about our experience.

  • hephaestion

    Wow, that Nancy Elliott is one DUMB broad. D U M B.

  • HiredGoons

    @Dasher: Ha!

  • Anne

    And all this is obviously relevant in a marriage debate, because no-one ever has sex outside of wedlock.

  • GBH

    Nancy Elliot Anal Republican Creampie caught on Tape!

  • Keith Kimmel

    @David Ehrenstein: Well David, that is probably because gay people are obsessed with butt sex.

    This may fall under TMI, but I don’t have anal with anyone other than my boyfriend. We have an open relationship and we both fuck around with other people often, but we keep the anal between us. Just this week, I have had three hookups refuse to meet me once they found out that I wouldn’t fuck their ass or wouldn’t let them fuck mine. Trust me, gay people ARE obsessed with anal sex.

    However, so are straights. They cant get it through their skulls that we do so many other things besides just butt fucking. The fact of the matter is most of them don’t know that while yes it does hurt, its a good kinda hurt. They don’t know because it they have never experienced it. Straight boys dont realize that if you relax, things up your ass feel very good. Now, if you tense up like a straight boy does, well, yeah, its gonna hurt and not in a good way. Additionally, they don’t like to talk about how much they wanna fuck their girlfriend’s poopers. A surprising number of straight females also want to don a strapon and say “Bend over, boyfriend.”

    Actually, I think anal sex is healthy. Kids should be taught about it. Hell, we teach them about putting their weenies in vaginas, so why not butt sex?

  • Keith Kimmel

    Damn, I posted that before I was ready.

    Do you have any idea how many calories are burned by engaging in anal sex? Plus, it helps to build a healthy heart and lungs, especially if you are one who likes to be pounded furiously, all that deep breathing is good for you. There are plenty of health benefits to a healthy anal workout routine that dont get discussed nearly as much as they should.

  • Landis

    Clearly a closeted sicko this Nancy bitch is. Of all the many beautiful things a relationship offers, the first thing that comes into her head is sexual positions, really? Bitch got issues! A dumb dumb bitch, turd of society!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    So, instead of incentive spirometers being passed out after surgeries….” It’s not how high you go, it’s how often you do it”…..specialized health care workers will get these post-op patients breathing. It almost makes TED-hose sort of…sexy.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    During lunch, when I recounted Nancy Elliot’s words, my partner said, “Marriage is so much more than sex. She should know that.”

  • dvlaries

    Nancy, you’re not watching enough gay porn. They always pull out clean there; it’s like magic. :)

  • teamstank

    If this were the 1920s and 1930s she would be on the committee to end indecent images in “the pictures.”

    Or prohibition….a couple of decades earlier she would have been a part of the temperance movement….people don’t change, society does though.


  • 1EqualityUSA

    Dvlaries, who needs porn, when elected officials can describe everything in minute detail? Of all the verbs, wiggle?

  • Wiggler


    It’s because when she has sex, something wiggles, like her finger, or a bunny vibrator (that just sputters, or wiggles, because the bitch buys cheap chinese batteries).

    She’s practically wiggling in her seat while she rapes her colleagues ears with bad mommy tales of morality.

  • tofer david

    Nancy, Jesus thinks you’re a cunt.

  • Benjamin

    Did she say that the school was showing fifth graders gay porn? I will give the maximum to her campaign if she can prove that. There is no way that happened. In no school were fifth graders given graphic information as part of their classroom instruction depicting men having sex. It simply did not occur. She is lying. But, in the event that I am mistaken, I stand by with my checkbook, ready to donate should she prove one case of that ever happening in anywhere in her state.

  • nicetoblowyou

    Hey Nancy, look what your generation’s fine 5th grade education has gotten us : status quo bigotry, overconsumption of resources, ignorant foreign knowledge, illogical fear, and and … Donny Osmond?

  • nicetoblowyou

    @ Benj

    You’d really donate to her? Why reward her witch hunt? Her oversimplified detail of elementary sex ed is a ruse against equal marriage. It’s reeeaaaaallllyyyyy easy to make things sex sound creepy in this country.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    #45, Wiggler, The verb, “wiggling” was chosen to emasculate her chosen subjects. This entire speech was directed towards heightening homophobia and mercilessly getting her way. The two washed out probies, flanking her flabby elbows, didn’t even have the courage to look up when she started her hate speech. The way they both immersed themselves into their writing pads gives the impression that they had prior knowledge of the content of her sexualized rant. If these were the last three humans on the planet…. “Wiggling”, like mindless worms, presents as ineffectual. By choosing this verb, she’s basically saying that the love expressed between those whose orientations are gay are, incapacitated and weak. She needs to be made a prime example of what our community has endured this generation.

  • Wiggler

    Thanks I see your point.

  • Benjamin


    That’s the beauty of my offer. This did not happen. No one is showing gay porn to grade school students as part of the curriculum. She is telling an outrageous lie in order to perpetrate a well worn and baseless smear that somehow our lives are perverted and a moral danger, and that permitting us to live in peace will expose “The Children” the homosexual “indoctrination”. It’s this thinly veiled gays-as-a-cult bullshit that they have been slinging for eons. She is saying “See? We gave them an inch, and now they are queering up our children!!!” This is all made up. I don’t think it’s OK to just lie, and not get called on it. Yes. She is ignorant about our sex lives, and what the details of that involve. Whatever. She’s not gay, so I don’t expect her to know what is going on. She’s laughably ignorant, but no more of a danger in that respect than a planet full of straight people ignorant about who we are and what our lives involve.

    But the really abhorrent thing here, for me at least, is the part where she fabricates information in an effort to prove this bigoted point she’s making about what a “danger” we are. Beside the fact that she can somehow square herself with the notion that she has to make shit up to prove her point, I find the fact that she is willing to try to influence policy, and the minds of her constituents, with a notion as blatantly absurd as this “they are teaching gay sex to fifth graders just like we said they would” nonsense, not just troubling, but a scandalizing abuse of her position, and the very definition of intellectual dishonesty.

    But these people get away with it all the time. They make up stuff, not just distortions but full on fabrications, and then bounce on their merry way secure in the knowledge that no one will ever call them on it, or insist that they prove their insane claims.

    So yes. If she can prove that happened, if she can show me the pictures of two men having sex that are being given out as curriculum to fifth graders, then I will give the max to her campaign. Because she can’t do it. It isn’t out there. She is a liar. My money is as safe as it could possibly be.

  • Brian H

    Nancy Elliott is just angry that her husband keeps banging her bunghole, ’cause her vadge is wide as a hippo’s mouth. Either get that snatch tightened, or learn how to douche your Hershey highway and take it like a man.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Brian H, I see a future for you, moderating the New Hampshire’s Judiciary Committee.

  • Daniel

    So if Nancy isn’t a hypocrite, she better be sponsoring legislation to keep kids under 18 from reading the Bible, because if you don’t want kids exposed to accounts of rape, incest, genital mutilation of corpses, and worse you better not let them read the Bible because the writers of the Bible were some sick-ass puppies. The so-called “heroes” of the Bible were some sick bastards by any standards. They even make kid’s toys out of Noah’s Ark (conveniently ignoring the fact that the Bible god killed all the pregnant women and their unborn babies by drowning them – talk about a sick-ass deity – all the power in the universe and the deity mass-murders pregnant women; you don’t get more evil than that. Then the deity kills more babies by mass-murdering the firstborns of Egypt – talk about evil serial killer deity). So Nancy start introducing that legislation to protect kids from the Bible since kids are more important than archaic religion.

  • DJR03870

    The link given in the article to the bitch’s contact info is broken.

    Here’s her email address: [email protected]

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Daniel, #55, When the Magi came from the East bringing gifts for the Babe, Herod the Great knew that the time had come for the birth of the King announced clearly to the Jews, and apprehended dimly in the aspirations of the Gentiles. But like all carnal-minded men, he lacked a spiritual sense, and therefore felt certain that the King would be a political one. He made inquires as to where Christ was born. The chief priests and learned men told him, “At Bethelem in Judea, for so it has been written by the prophet.” Herod said that he wanted to worship the Babe. But his actions proved that he really meant, “If this is the Messias, I must kill Him.”

    Fulton Sheen, “Life of Christ”

    We have to ask, after the last of the Herod line fled to Spain, what became of this family? The whole fam was a bit off. Are they influencing the world today?

  • Daniel

    The ultra-f*cked-up thing is that the Bible god didn’t stop Herod from killing babies. All the power in the universe and the Bible deity has the blood of babies herald the birth of his purported demi-god son. What an evil bastard by any standard. All the power in the universe and the Bible deity doesn’t give Herod a simple heart attack or cerebral anheurism; talk about an evil baby-murdering serial killer deity. Same with Moses – not a finger to save babies from slaughter. What a sick-ass Bible god the writers penned. I hope Nancy sponsors that legislation to protect kids under 18 from such a wicked book so she’s not a hypocrite.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    A thousand years before His birth this entire story was set into motion. How else could prophesy be fulfilled if it is prevented from being fulfilled? Having a pre-history is unique.

  • Daniel

    LOL… hindsight is 20/20… or in this case, writers piecing together a religion after the “fact” and putting the selective “pieces” into a Bible (the Hebrew word for Library) is ideal… No one is alive to refute what is included or not included about the past when you gather and pen the work centuries later and edit it. In the end, it turns out to be a sick-ass mass-murdering baby-killing Bible god that’s written. Just the kind of god folks expected at the time to compete with all the others.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Daniel, No doubt. Tinkering goes without question. Whole books have been omitted. I see it as a big, 3-dimensional basket, with parts of the weave missing. Human nature never changes. The things vexing us today are similar to what vexed humans in ancient times, so the constant is human nature. Applied learning completes the picture. The skeleton has little meat on it, but it is recognizable as human. Take in the best of every person you meet and you will have a life where only the best are near you.

  • bigolpoofter

    As a child prodigy in more way than one, I and my clandestine boyfriend were quite familiar with the pleasures of the Hershey Highway by fifth grade, much as some heterosexual children are experienced with consensual vaginal intercourse. How about making certain such precocious kids have access to the sexual health information they need??!!

    Let’s stop sugar-coating our responses to this bigotry and ignorance with prose about love and respond, instead, with “SO WHAT??!!” Today’s children witness how many murders on television and movies before fifth grade?? By Ms. Elliott’s reasoning, preventing entertainment media from turning children into killers should rank much higher on her list of priorities and the state’s.. but it doesn’t because we know that witnessing or learning about an act doesn’t make kids more like to commit the act.

  • schlukitz

    No. 26 · Austin

    A superior high horse attitude is getting us nowhere.

    That comment might have been more appropriately directed at Madame Elliot, who is more deserving of it.

    She’s the one with the superior high horse attitude, not us. A little less criticism of the victims and a little more outrage at the perpetrator might be in order here, don’t you think?

  • jason

    Nancy, darling, there is more anal sex going on in straight couples than you think. They use it as a form of contraception. If the woman fears getting pregnant, she’ll allow her eager hubby to put it in her poo tube.

  • Benjamin


    No kidding. Isn’t that what those Purity Ring kids are doing so that they stay “virgins”? Her kids are probably Anal Aces by now.

  • Tartuffe

    Anal sex presentations in 5th grade? Sure…..

    “Would you let that happen to you?”

    How is this question even relevant in a democratic government?

    Some ego.. yes, overturn gay marriage because this dumb bitch doesn’t fancy taking it in the ass.

    Dear Americans,

    Stop electing these people.

    Your neighbours to the north

  • schlukitz

    Hey, Nancy!

    Don’t be bitter.

    Take it up the shitter.

  • B

    No. 15 · InscrutableTed wrote, “‘Wiggle’? She means ‘thrust’, right? Hot, manly, thrusting.” … aren’t you making unsubstantiated assumptions about her husband? For all you know, he “wiggles” no matter where he puts it. For all any of us know, it is too small for thrusting!

    Actually, given her considerable mass, wiggling may be the only option even if her hubby’s member virilis is 7″ long! (OK – had to get a silly wisecrack in about her given how out of it she is).

  • B

    No. 1 · David Ehrenstein wrote, “Straights are OBSESSED with anal intercourse. Far more than any gay man i’ve ever known in my 63 years. It’s beyond pathetic.”

    Alternate explanation – they don’t want to be treated as sex objects, which is how they treat women. :-)

  • B

    No. 24 · romeo: “Jeez, this woman needs to be sent to a straight porn site …Oh yeah, and honey, YOU might not like it up the butt, but plenty of women do.”

    … especially young (teenage) Christian women, it seems, as they think that means they are still virgins. They interpret a “viriginity pledge” as narrowly as possible so it applies to only one sex act.

    describes it and introduces (uses?) the term “Saddlebacking”, named after Rick Warren’s church.

  • tititwister

    i feel sorry for the straight man who has to wiggle his dick inside that cunt’s cunt

  • ReBoRn

    Anal isn’t even nearly the end all, be all of sex between men. Why people like this woman (and some here) think that it is so is beyond me.

  • Brian NJ

    And by the way, douchebag, we don’t “wiggle.” Your asshole husband “wiggles.” We POUND.

  • Mark

    What an evil Representative.

  • Adam


    Exactly. Truthfully, what I can’t believe (and, accordingly, the only thing that I find truly repulsive and shocking about this) is that she just unapologetically disclosed to everyone in that room what is going on in her filthy mind… and now the whole world knows! How could you, as an elected official, just unabashedly say something that filthy in a public forum and expect to get away with it? What kind of fool would allow himself/herself to be humiliated like that.. especially in a day and age when what you do can appear on YouTube within a matter of moments? The ironic part is that kids she is trying so desperately to protect from her disgusting vision are going to get treated to it now anyway courtesy of the internet.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Adam, That’s how much of a learning deficit we are up against.

  • Alpha

    In a classroom of 100 students statistically 5-10 students would be gay/lesbian. Lets say of that 4 are gay male students. Not all gay men have anal sex, but lets assume they all do. Lesbians cant have anal sex. So that’s 4% of the class.

    Now statistically 25% of straight people have anal sex. So that’s 22.5% of the class. Someone please tell this NH representative which community needs lessons about health/safety issues of anal sex.

  • Pip

    What a psychotic, ignorant bitch. Yes, those fifth grades may want to have anal sex some day—with members of the opposite sex. Most people who have anal sex aren’t gay, and many members of the GLBT community don’t even like intercourse. Barring some argument about transmitting STDs, there’s really no valid argument against anal sex. And I don’t think anyone is prepared for Patti Mayonaise over there, to start legislating our sex lives. Being a public official means that you accept the public. New Hampshire should seriously consider electing someone who spends more time thinking about jobs than, “men wiggling their penises around in excrement.” Seriously, what a fucking nut job.

  • schlukitz

    No. 74 · Brian NJ

    We POUND

    You tell her, Dude! ;P

  • schlukitz

    No. 78 · Alpha

    Lesbians cant have anal sex.

    Well actually they can…with the aid of a strap-on dildo or by implementing other types of anal toys.

    Unlike Nancy, however, I will omit the lurid details and leave you to use your imagination. ;P

  • schlukitz

    No. 75 · Mark

    What an evil Representative.

    Actually, when one stops to think about it, even her title is a misnomer, isn’t it?

    Because if she is truly “representative” of the public at large, then we are in deeper shit than we thought.

  • schlukitz

    No. 77 · 1EqualityUSA

    Adam, That’s how much of a learning deficit we are up against.

    Elegantly stated.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    She’ll never look at POUND cake the same way.

  • KirilleXXI

    Oh, God, I’ve had a lot of fun reading some of the comments here (thank you for that), but this is also really sad. The thing is that Nancy Elliott is a big fucking liar — Nashua officials investigated her comments and said “there is no evidence to substantiate Elliott’s comment and no parents have called to complain.” But she had her way: “[h]er committee ended up voting 12-8 to recommend killing the [same-sex marriage] bill.

    Superintendent Mark Conrad also said:

    Sexual preference and relationships are not part of the elementary school health curriculum.

    I hope, Queerty will update the article to show every reader her accusations were outright lies!

    Maybe she made up this story on her own, or maybe some other anti-gay mommy called her with these lies that she believed without even trying to find some proof. I don’t care which is it because either of these is completely unprofessional, irresponsible and inappropriate! I think her colleagues should seriously consider impeaching her for such behavior. Why the hell not? How long should we allow them to wipe their feet on us, Teh Gheys?

  • jonny

    The truely awesome Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, said over 40 years ago now that: “The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation”

    America, it’s really time to catch-up with the rest of the world.

    Your’s truly,

    Your concerned northern neighbours.

  • soul_erosion

    @NO.85 KirilleXXI: Thank you for your many articulate & informative posts, however, when you say “But she had her way,” I think you have misinterpreted the outcome. The bill under debate was HB 1590, the bill to REPEAL same-sex marriage. When the committee voted 12-8, it actually killed the bill. I hope I’m right in saying we actually won this round.

  • KirilleXXI

    Oh, right, I’m an idiot. :) I thought they voted for the bill to kill same-sex marriage, that’s how I’ve read it in my mind. Thank you, it was an important correction, just as important as having a good night sleep for me, obviously. :)

  • Annie

    Clearly, she has given this a great deal of thought. Obviously, she wants it in the butt. I hope her husband saw this and gives her what she wants. Especially on this day of all days.

    One can only hope.

  • schlukitz

    Good one, 1EqualityUSA. :)

  • schlukitz

    No. 88 · KirilleXXI

    Not to fret over that. A good many voters were victim of the same confusion regarding the wording of Prop 8.

    It was tantamount to a “Do you beat your wife often?” conumdrum.

  • soul_erosion

    @KirilleXXI: You, sir, have put so many smiles on my face that it was nice for me to finally return the favor. Sweet dreams, bud.

  • Chris

    Awww they removed her address and means to contact her : (

  • JM

    This has got to be one of the funniest set of comments I have ever read. Especially the one’s describing how gross *any* sex can be, and how disgusting a vagina can be if you really think about it! Thanks, good folks of Queerty, for making me laugh my ass off tonight! =^_^=

  • JM

    Oh yeah… I forgot to add that this bitch is a stupid cunt. I did like the part where someone asks her to stay on-topic, though!

  • Shannon1981

    Is this for real?!?!!? This crazy broad said this in the middle of a judiciary meeting? WTF? Why is always these numskulls in positions of power? This is unfuckingbelievable.

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