NH Republicans Hold Pointless Anti-Gay-Marriage Rally In State Capital

Apparently, there are enough anti-gay New Hampshire Republicans (at least 200, according to Patch) to hold a rally for a bill that would strike down marriage equality in the state and return gays and lesbians to civil-union status.Maybe they hired extras, though—last we heard, they were hard-pressed to find support as Republicans in NH are more socially libertarian than their counterparts elsewhere. “I’m for liberty and freedom, leaving people alone so long as they don’t harm or defraud other people,” Rep. Steve Winter (R-Newbury) told the Concord Monitor.

Democratic Gov. John Lynch has already said he’d veto any such bill. So, good luck finding a veto-proof majority and some New England Democrats to cross the aisle on this one, buddies.

Despite the uphill battle, State Rep. David Bates (R-Windham) showed up to rouse a crowd in Concord yesterday, quoting sarcastically from a flyer asking traditional-marriage proponents to just give up.

Said Bates: “There’s another amazing statement on here that says, ‘The battle for gay marriage is not worth the fight.’ Well, what do you think about that? Do you think it’s worth the fight?”

The crowd answered with cheers of “yes!”

To that, we resoundingly say: “Meh.”