NH Republicans Would Rather NOT Let People Vote On Marriage Equality

New Hampshire Republicans have decided to sponsor a bill that would merely repeal their state’s 2010 marriage-equality law rather than to float a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality outright—namely because it’ll be easier to pass.

Doesn’t that go against NOM’s whole “Let the People Vote” schtick?

Of course, a bill would require only a majority vote in the House and Senate to pass, while a constitutional amendment requires a three-fifths vote in the Legislature plus two-thirds voter approval.

Democratic Governor John Lynch has already promised to veto the bill, but the Republican-led Legislature could override his veto with a two-thirds vote.

So unless some New Hampshire Republicans suddenly grow a heart—like state Republican Party Vice Chairman J P Marzullo, who recently said that repealing marriage equality will contribute to discrimination and teen suicides—same-sex marriage in New Hampshire is toast.

The repeal would basically offer civil unions to any straights, LGBTs and relatives. (Yes, you can join a civil unions with your gram-gram.) These substandard unions would offer few of the benefits of marriage and still allow any organization to discriminate against couples with impugnity.

We imagine it’ll be about as popular as New Jersey’s Rhode Island’s civil-union law—the one that only nine gay couples have signed up for.