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NHL star Dylan Larkin opens up about the struggles of having a round, plump, muscular butt

Having the perfect butt isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Just ask Detroit Red Wings Center Dylan Larkin.

“My name is Dylan Larkin and I have hockey butt,” the 23-year-old athlete says in an new online advertisement for State & Liberty, a men’s clothing company.

“Hockey butt” is when a person has a slim waist and ankles but a plump booty, enormous quads, and muscular thighs, making finding pants that fit a real challenge.

“I can’t really find an off-the-rack pant to fit me,” Larkin laments. “Even when I get a pair of pants custom-made, I can’t move around and stretch in them. Every time I bend down, I feel like I’m going to bust through the seams.”

And that’s where State & Liberty comes in. The company specializes in men’s athletic fit dress pants designed for guys with huge butts, like Larkin.

Not surprisingly, the response to the ad has been overwhelmingly positive…

Well played, State & Liberty. Well played.

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