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NH’s Bob Guida’s ‘Gay Marriage = Bestiality’ Comments Were ‘Taken Out of Context’

On Monday Bob Giuda, the former Marine pilot who’s hoping to become New Hampshire’s next Republican congressman, told a group of Riviera College students how permitting gay marriage would open the door to all sorts of hooliganism: “What’s going to happen next? Men and sheep? Women and dogs? … The point was, it’s not to our good as a nation or society to institutionalize relationships that do not involve a man and a woman for the protection of a family.” Now, he says, while his sentiment could have been better expressed, it’s not like he’s sorry for what he said.

“I see where it could be taken out of context and people could take offense at it,” he he says now. And he totally didn’t mean to insult the gays; he supports their civil union law!

All better now?