Nice Package: 17-Inch MacBook Pro

Just think how all the gays will go green with envy as you sit “writing” at your local gay hangout of choice on this gorgeous machine. There is something about the sleek silver case that screams “creative,” and who doesn’t find that sexy?

Apple MacBook Pro

No matter how jaded we get, inches never cease to impress us, especially when they are describing the LCD size of a beautiful Apple laptop. The new MacBook Pro has two Intel processors inside, which makes it five times faster than the fastest Apple notebook currently on the market (The 1.67 Ghz Powerbook G4). The whole package gives you the nice screen and processors plus 1GB of SDRAM, a 120 GB hard drive, 256MB video memory, and an 8x double-layer Superdrive. And it’s all for the bargain price of $2799. That is pretty steep, but since Apple has made us accustomed to far more obscene price tags, it sounds like a bargain to us.

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