Nice Package: Ro, Ro, Ro Your Bag


Always on the look out for under-the-radar designers with the talent to rival behemoths like Louis Vuitton, we were ecstatic to discover Ro, a New York design outfit from Gene Miao and Yvonne Roe that specializes in leather goods. Tired of seeing store shelves lined with bags that scream both “impractical” and “ugly,” Ro does the opposite: instant classics that’re both usable and aesthetically pleasing. We recently picked up Ro’s MW Suitcase (smaller than you’d think) and business card holder, but already we’re eyeing their duffle, which puts Prada’s canvas alternative to shame. So far it looks like Ro is sticking to smaller bags and accessories; but as soon as they’ve got a suitcase on wheels, we’ll be buying.

Ro (Purchasing available at retail locations only. No online shopping, unfortunately.)