Nick Aaronson’s Suspected Murderer Claims That A 15-Year-Old Is The Real Culprit

Mexico City have arrested 20-year-old José Luis Ramirez in connection with the murder of 27-year-old U.S. Airways flight attendant Nick Aaronson. But Ramirez—a convicted robber serving parole—claims that his mysterious 15-year-old friend actually killed Aaronson.

Sure, blame the 15-year-old.

Reports indicate that Ramirez and Aaronson met at a local gay bar called the Cinema Club and then went to Aaronson’s nearby hotel room. When police finally found Ramirez by tracking Aaronson’s stolen iPhone, Ramirez claimed that he hit Aaronson in the face, stole the phone and shaved his own head to avoid detection but that he did not kill Aaronson. Ramirez says his 15-year-old friend tied up Aaronson’s naked body and then strangled and beat him to death.

But who is this “mystery friend”? Does he exist? Was he Ramirez’s accomplice? Ramirez’s patsy? Can police find this person on hotel surveillance tapes? Or has Ramirez just made him up to help duck a murder charge?

The police have declared robbery as the motive and will hold Ramirez until legal proceedings begin. We would feel more inclined to believe Ramirez’s teenage killer alibi if Ramirez didn’t have a criminal history and a habit of using “The Shadow” as his alias.