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    Another smokin kid whose lisp turns one off. What a waste.

  • whatever

    “Plastic” comes to mind…

  • frozen north

    @sschiefrsha: ah. another bitter queen whose negativity turns one off. what a waste.

  • Shaniqua Ubangi

    @whatever: He works out at Gold’s Gym on 54th (or at least he used to, haven’t seen him there in a while) and he would mince around the second floor workout area. And @whatever is right….he’s very plastic and fake.

  • Jeff

    I happened to sit next to Nick Adams’s boyfriend when I saw La Cage last weekend — not only was he unbelievably hot (a 6’3″ model, complete with adorably geeky glasses and the perfect amount of stubble) but he was PAINFULLY sweet and friendly. He struck up a conversation with my MOM, completely randomly.

  • slobone

    Ooh that guy is so ugly it HURTS…

  • KyleR

    I think Nick Adams is very hott. Well, when he’s not all guidoed out like that. Yuck.

  • M

    I just want a piece of Joshua Buscher.

    Probably the best ass in NYC.

  • Darreyl102

    Nick is gorgeous- Period. having met the man MANY times over the years, he could not be kinder and more down to earth. he also works tirelessly to raise money for charity.

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