Nick Adams Tops Mario Lopez

The war between A Chorus Line costars Mario Lopez and Nick Adams continues!

We all know that Lopez stopped Adams’ biceps from stealing the show, but apparently the former Saved By The Bell actor can’t control everything.

Underwear company 2(x)ist had been considering Lopez for an upcoming ad campaign, however the younger Adams landed the gig.

“Mario was originally No. 1 on our radar as we planned the campaign,” said an insider. “We were ready to call him with an offer, but then we saw Nick. He’s younger, sexy, more interesting. On top of that, his body was crazy. We set up a meeting, and when he walked in, that was it. We never even looked at anyone else after that.”

Jason Scarlatti, 2(x)ist’s creative director, gave final approval. He told us, “Nick’s very masculine, sexy, modern. It’s totally all about his body. Mario is a good-looking guy, but Nick had it. He’s up and coming, the new face of sexy. He’s original. He’s hot.”

So hot, in fact, that we featured him on Morning Goods just this week!

The aforementioned ad, meanwhile, will debut in Out‘s August issue.

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  • Mike

    Mario is already too old for 2xist. Wow!!! Well, he can model those underwear at my house any day. Come over Mario!

  • Tom D Frog

    I think they made a mistake. This kid looks one step away from Mr Hyde in The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. Mario is classically built and cuddly. Despite his age, he is incredibly youthful looking.

    Of course I am a little biased. I have been a fan of Mario since the SBTB episode with him in a wrestling singlet in the lockerroom.

    But still, those picts of Nick earlier this week, did nothing for me.

  • 24play

    “We were ready to call [Mario] with an offer, but then we saw Nick. He’s younger, sexy, more interesting.” And MUCH, MUCH cheaper.

  • fredo777

    Meh. I know he’s supposed to be the NKOTB, but I’d have looooved to have seen Mario in the ads.


  • Brandon

    Too Old!!! He is only 35, I am 39 and so tired of hearing that being over 35 makes you old especially in the gay community. I am not a big fan of Mario Lopez but you have to admit the man looks good. I think I own one pair of 2(x)ist, but I won’t own any more.

  • Jack Scribe

    2(x)ist is using this as PR hype. What they should be concerned about are the PC pictures they use to promote their product. Notice how the models (hawt guys, to be fair) are subtly photoshopped so that only a generic bulge appears. Compare those boring pictures with AX, Aussiebum or Ginch-Gonch. As a gay man, I loooove a little (or, a lot)VPL!

  • Ray

    i like the decision. give a new kid a chance. maybe my generation just has a short attention span, but i’m always looking for something new to fixate on!

  • michael

    I am loving it! Mario’s narcissism makes him really unattractive to me. I am sucker for pretty man but a shitty attitude will ruin it every time for me.

  • Ray

    oh, and i’m over 2(x)ist anyhow. very into C-IN2 these days. when did underwear companies starting naming themselves after chemical equations??

  • afrolito

    They both need to be commando in my bedroom, but I do favor Mario.

  • JoJoJo

    Is it bad that I still wear hanes?

  • M Shane

    My arab friends all tell me that it’s much better for your nauty bits to wear a chemise and let the privates fly free. Much heatjier according to DR.s too.
    Of course here everyone would think I was in drag.

  • Rowen

    Ben Daniels is older then either one of these two chorus boys. He is a much better actor and is infinitely hotter then both of them combined.

    Oh, and he gets naked on stage.

  • Hephaestion

    Mario doesn’t have a narcissistic attitude. He is incredibly friendly and kind, and the hottest thing you will ever see in person.

  • averageguy40

    Thanks JoJoJo. Give me a 3 pack of Hanes any day. $20-$30 underwear??? Who needs ’em. They’re only gonna get ripped off anyway…and I don’t mean stolen at the gym.

  • Tyler

    Nick is a sweet guy and deserves the deal! I love 2xist… sorry Mario is a DIVA… making his co star wear a hoodie over his costume while his characters wears a tank… tho that characters has ALWAYS been in a sweater…. PUHHHH…. LEEZZE I’m over Mario!

  • Bryan

    Who are those a**holes at 2(x)ist trying to impress by calling Mario Lopez OLD? Who do they expect is going to buy their sh–? All it does is p*** me off as a 32 year old gay man. Don’t get me wrong, Nick Adams is SCRUMPTIOUS, but not because of his youth! Mario Lopez is pure hotness too (and he looks GREAT when he is jump-roping in work-out gear, I might add, lets just say that more than one part of him bounces).

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