Nick Carter Revives Your Teenage Crush By Modeling Tiny Blue Thong

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 2.34.32 PM18 years after releasing his hugely successful debut album as one fifth of the Backstreet Boys, former teen idol Nick Carter is walking down a hallway, and then lying down on a table, in a tiny blue thong. On national television. Isn’t fame a funny thing?

Nick’s beautiful blue thong came out on a recent episode of VH1’s I Heart Nick Carter after Nick calls himself a “Fatstreet Boy.” He’s wearing it because he’s visiting a doctor to talk about non-invasive procedures to help him shed extra weight, and this is apparently the outfit you have to wear while that procedure is performed.



Nick has obviously gained some weight since posing for that photo you hung in your middle school locker, but he’s not fat by any means. Perhaps he hasn’t heard that bigger bellies make better lovers, or that 99 percent of gay men* (if he swung that way) still wouldn’t kick him out of bed?

He doesn’t need a “fat-zapping” procedure, and we’re glad he ended up deciding against it. On a superficial level, it at least provided some great shots of Nick getting all sweaty in the gym. Nick, more of this, please.

Watch more from the episode below:

And check out some super sexxxy photos from his Instagram:



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*Not an actual statistic, but we’d say it’s pretty accurate.

h/t Attitude