Nick Gruber: Calvin Klein Hooked Me Up To Lie Detector

Page Six Magazine
dished it today with Nick Gruber, Calvin Klein’s ex-boy toy. The porn pup turned runway model discussed what it was like dating the designer and, ultimately, what drove them apart.

Apparently, Calvin had some major trust issues: “[He] picked me up in his car, drove me down to the Holiday Inn in Chelsea, and we went downstairs in the basement of the hotel. He made me take a lie-detector test,” Gruber recounts. “I passed it. And then, you know, things were much better. But I mean, what kind of partner would make you take a lie detector test?”

But Gruber still waxes nostalgic about his famous ex: “I was the first man [Calvin] fell in love with.  I don’t know why, but there’s, like, something about me that attracts everyone…I get every girl, and even guys.”

The first guy the infamous designer ever went for? We’d like to put Calvin to a lie detector about that one.

Photo: Robyn Twomey