Nick Gruber Gives Most Boring Interview Yet: “I’m Working On My Issues”

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 2.54.51 PMCalvin Klein’s boy toy Nick Gruber is putting his fancy publicist to good work this week, showing the world in a new interview with Gay Star News that he’s learned the phrase “no comment.”

We guess it’s never too late to start repairing your image, but he certainly could have started back when he got into a bloody brawl with a man allegedly “touching his junk” in a Hamptons nightclub, or the time he denied ever writing a book about his sexual relationship with Calvin Klein.

If he had, we probably wouldn’t have cared about the time The Post published the juicy details of that book, the time he told NY Magazine he “wasn’t gay,” or the time Michael Lucas threw him out of a gay beach party on Fire Island for allegedly yelling homophobic slurs.

Alas, the 23-year-old model is making his dreams come true this week as he saunters down the runways of New York Fashion Week, so he’s landed yet another interview as part of his lavish “image remake.”

In it, he justifies telling Michael Lucas that he didn’t “want any gay people to touch” him because “five people were getting touchy-feely,” and thinks his ousting was a publicity stunt on behalf of Ascension and Michael Lucas because his “private apology” was forwarded to the media. “Like a lot of people,” he says of his temper, “I’m working on my issues.”

Still, he’s staying tight-lipped about his relationship with Calvin Klein:

Gay Star News: Are you and Calvin Klein still in contact? How would you describe your relationship now?
Nick Gruber: No comment.

GSN: You’ve always been circumspect on how you and Klein met. I don’t  expect that change, but with the fame  glare you’ve been under has there been a time when you wished you never met him?
NG: No, I’m very happy we met.

GSN: While you admit you’re happy met Klein. at least from the alleged book proposal the relationship seems to have been strained from the start. Is it true you were pressured to ‘profess your love?’ What type of pressure was used?
NG: No comment.

GSN: Did you turn down a reality show project from Bravo and what do have to say about the comments John Luciano makes about you in Out magazine?
NG: No comment.

After NYFW, he’ll be “getting in shape” and starting that “extreme sports training company.” Yawn. When did Nick Gruber become so boring?

Guess that fancy publicist is actually working.