READ: Nick Gruber Apologizes To Michael Lucas, Michael Lucas Not Having Any Of It

gruber-lucasThe Michael Lucas-Nick Gruber gay v. ex-gay drama enters a new chapter, thanks to an emailed apology from Nick forwarded to us by none other than Michael Lucas herself.

In case you don’t know, or most likely don’t care, what transpired between the two gentleman, here’s a quick refresher course. Nick Gruber, Calvin Klein’s ex-kept boy and a former gay porn actor — star is perhaps being too generous — attended Fire Island’s Ascension Party over the weekend where he felt the need to loudly proclaim his heterosexuality and act, in general, like a giant tool. That is when Michael Lucas, current gay porn auteur and activist, had the 22-year-old human dumpster removed from the premises.

Nick, being a good boy from a good family, or at least having a halfway decent publicist, sent an apology to Michael:

Dear Michael Lucas:

I am sorry that we had a misunderstanding this past weekend at Fire Island. I did not really understand how a big party like that worked, and when I was asked to leave your part of the party, I definitely overreacted. Please accept my apologies.

I came with my friends Hal Rubenstein and his partner David Nichol, who work on the charity arm of the party (Fund In The Sun), but I didn’t understand that people had paid for separate areas. Their fund has donated $750,000 to charities and is an important not-for-profit so I think it’s great that you supported them by buying a private area of your own. I hope I didn’t spoil anyone’s day. It was a fun and unique party and I was glad to be there.

I hope next time we meet we can have a coffee and I can apologize in person.

Nick Gruber

Way to go sneaking in that dollar amount, girlfriend. Color someone impressed. Not Michael Lucas, but someone. Michael, for his part, took Nick’s apology in stride, but informed the young man that he kind of missed the entire point of this Lucas Lesson:

Dear Nick—

Thank you for your apology. However, I fear that you have misunderstood why I was offended . The problem was not that you had mistakenly come to the wrong area of the party (and it doesn’t matter to me at all who you came with or how much they donated). Many people knew just as little as you did about how the party was set up, but somehow no one else got into a big argument about it.

The problem was that your behavior was boorish and loudly homophobic. Screaming that you are straight and that you don’t want gay men to touch you would be unacceptable in any social situation, much less a crowded gay party. If you are so defensively straight that you truly can’t bear the idea of gay people touching you, then maybe a crowded gay party might not be the best place for you. Please feel free to write “I am straight” on your forehead and stay home. No one will bother you there, and you won’t bother anyone back.

Michael Lucas

Well, Mike’s certainly got a point. A gay party, rather, THE gay party is no place to exercise one’s repressed homosexuality-cum-homophobia. That’s what church and football games are for. No word yet on what Gruber’s (read: his publicist’s) response to any of this will be, but let’s all just remember what matters most here. Nick Gruber is as straight as an arrow. You know, one of those gag arrows that you can wear as a hat that, much like Gruber’s sexuality, no one actually buys.

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  • mattsy

    drugs drugs drugs

  • B Damion

    Mr Gruber, you have been “read” honey. Now gets a steppin!

  • Stache1

    “I did not really understand how a big party like that worked” Gruber needs a new publicist me thinks. Lol

  • Nraged79

    “In case you don’t know, or most likely don’t care…”

    In almost every story regarding Nick Gruber on this site, some version of the phrase above has been written. I ask Queerty, if you realize no one cares, then why do you continue to give us step by step accounts of this young man’s life? With so much happening in the gay community, I wonder why you focus so much on this tripe.

  • Snapper59

    Why do you refer to Gruber as Calvin Klein’s “ex”? I thought that since they split and Gruber was shopping a tell-all book, that Calvin has since re-united with him being the ridiculous old man he has become.

  • B Damion

    @Nraged79 …O.M.G THERE IS A GAY COMMUNITY? where is it? where? I wanna go.

  • etseq

    Ever notice that the only people who claim to hate labels are self-loathing gay men? If you asked a straight guy if he were straight or gay, he would never say “I don’t believe it labels” – he would be honest (or maybe dishonest if he is a closet case) and say he was straight. Ditto with straight women or even lesbians. I have never heard a lesbian say “I’m not into labels” – it is only self-loathing gay men, usually famous (or wannabe famous) actors or singers who wan’t are scared that coming out will hurt their career. Remember when that Mika singer claimed he wasn’t into labels, then a year later he claimed he was bisexual, and just recently he finally came out as gay. Same old story…

  • Shadeaux

    “No Tea! No Shade!”

  • streeteditions

    Quite obviously, someone is buying this “buysexual!”

  • DarthKitsune

    Wow, twice! Michael Lucas has me on his side TWICE! And Nick, honey, go away.

  • Stache1

    That’s an excellent point. That’s the same as someone saying their X-Gay. Just another BS story line closeted gay men have to tell themselves. The only ones that are fooled though is them.

    However, they are fun to mock though. Especially, when they do it high profile.

  • Katbox

    So did he find TWO new sugar daddies?
    What’s so special about this guy?

  • GlitterKidder

    Why is this a story? I need to take a shower after reading this, or perhaps I need a lobotomy. This does nothing for us. Why can’t we report real news regarding the LGBTQ community? Let’s move forward together and leave the trash where it belongs, in the gutter.

  • EJC

    Any chance that Mr. Gruber and Justin Beaver could find a small island and leave the rest of the world at peace, enough with the dumb twinks.

  • KennethJulian

    Believe it or not, I’ve never seen a Mr. Lucas video before and I don’t need to. I find the way that he articulates his opinions, the way he holds himself, and his common sense to be sexy enough. I don’t need to see him naked. I always find it interesting over the years seeing him speak out on different things whether it be sparing with Ann Coulter face to face a few years back or just a few weeks ago giving an informative recommendation on PrEP medication. Thanks buddy.

  • etseq

    @Stache1: Yea I agree – very mockable. What I hate is when so-called liberal heterosexuals buy this BS. I’ve had straight ultra-liberal friends applaud this “no labels” crap because it sounds so progressive and cool. Nothing progressive about self-loathing. Liberals can be their own worse enemy sometimes…

  • Daniel-Reader

    Michael Lucas’ letter should have an animated “Now You Know…” afterschool special logo accompany it, because he just schooled Nick Gruber.

  • Icebloo

    Is billionaire Calvin Klein paying Queerty to promote his “straight” boyfriend Nick Grubby because a week ago I had no idea who he was but now Queerty are giving us an hourly update.
    Time to pull the plug on this promotion Queerty !

  • Gigi Gee

    Who gives a fuck about either one of these d-bags?

  • TheMarc

    Wow, this actually makes me like Michael Lucas…for today. But admittedly, he is quite the eloquent diva. No flowery words, just straight to “reading” you. He couldn’t have made that point any clearer and I’m glad he did. If you’re straight and therefore, would not be too open to having gay men “hit” on you; maybe you shouldn’t hang out at a party, bar, etc. that is filled with gay men.

  • Stenar

    While I agree mainly with Michael Lucas’ side, Gruber shouldn’t have been boorish and loud, but does he have a point? Because he’s at a gay party, should everyone be allowed to grope him? We’ve all been to plenty of gay parties and there’s always plenty of inappropriate groping going on at these events.

  • LaTeesha

    Who are these two guys?

  • ChristopherM

    So two whores get in a slap fight and one of them was tacky enough to publish the apology? News at 11. Grubbed is repugnant, but why is this site suddenly all up Goolander’s gaping butthole?

  • scotshot

    @LaTeesha: i guess you could call them capitalists. It’s all about the money with them.

  • bluetail

    Quite a ridiculous story indeed, Poor Nick who is uncomfortable with gay touching at a circuit party and Michale Lucas who thinks that to be in the presence of gay men requires that you must allow there animal lust be played out contrary to your your own comfort zone. I think we all are happy for the rights and freedom of resent time but, somethings are still and should be protected as assault and should not be encouraged, more so by someone with such a hand in activism for equality. Freedom is not pleasant without some civil and social responsibility. I would think Lucas a vocal and motivated advocate for gay freedoms would be able to muscle some Humility. Oh well “boys will be boys” and yes, that mother’s sigh indicates the value of discussing it is “lull to none”. Seems to me to be a more intelligent path to just apologize for being a “Boorish” bully and leave the week to their own demises.

  • scotshot

    @bluetail: What a load. Troll.

  • hollabackboi

    sexcuse me while I pick up those names you just dropped. what a tool…I never thought I’d utter these words, but Poor Calvin Klein

  • rf7777

    Good f*cking lord! Why should any self respecting gay person give a fu*ck what either of these two losers have to say to anyone, yet alone each other. As our community strives to be accepted as “normal”, can’t we do better than strive for more than Kardashian or Housewives of [inset low class niche community here] normal? The LGBT community should be proud. This kind of crap makes me ashamed. And Jeers to Queerty for promoting and publicizing this kind of crap. You suck.

  • dvlaries

    It’s too bad Nick couldn’t come out as straight a month ago, they really could have used a celebrity mouthpiece at that ex-gay rally in front of the Supremes Court. Actually, any added upright, ambulatory bipeds would have been welcome.

  • Franco C.

    Nick sounds young and insecure. I feel bad for him, and I hope over the years he learns some tough lessons and releases some of his ego.

  • Cee

    Nick is a douche, but why did Michael Lucas forward a private apology to be publicized?

  • sailor374

    Is it me? But I just don’t think Nick Gruber is good looking enough to have been arm candy for Calvin or to have been a porn star.I mean, I get that he is young and handsome but as far as looks go,there are much better looking guys in any publication with male models.Maybe he is hung,I haven’t seen his porn movies,he just looks like a thousand other twinks out there. If I was Calvin, I would for sure be a lot more diligent in finding a hottie who was actually a nice guy, even if he wasn’t all that smart.

  • stanhope

    Miss Nick…gurl pleaz….your hole would normally be reminiscent of a shriveled prune but alas surely you have done the necessary Kegel exercises to get a few more miles from “generous men.” LOL In sum, she’s a mess and Calvin is a fool. I remember years ago being at the Pines one 4th of July time when Calvin had installed this young blonde that sat yoga like in front of his oh so lovely house on the beach like a sculpture. We’d walk by and marvel at this specimen messing around in the bushes. What a heady time it was…pun intended. Doll if you think anyone believes your straight act, then you are a bigger fool that everybody knows you are. A great big “bitch please” and 2 snaps with it.

  • Jerry12

    Why are the Toy Boys of “Famous” Queers of interest to anyone outside the “Famous” one’s immediate circle? Toy Boys come and go; Seldom, do any of them accomplish anything significant on their own. Sadly, most go on to screwed up lives because they cannot adjust to what they were before being in the shadow of the “Famous” One.

  • Teleny

    @etseq: comment of the day. As soon as I hear a man talking about labels I know we have a closeted, self hating gay man. As a trans woman I’ve heard it a lot..,

  • DistingueTraces

    The vile dissing the vile.

  • yaletownman

    Mr. Lucas couldn’t have said it better. I am always impressed by anyone who doesn’t allow themselves to be swayed by name dropping and $$$ dropping. Mr. Rubenstein and Mr. Nichol may give a lot to charity but the company they keep makes them both look pathetic. If Mr. Gruber is truly straight and social climbing then he needs to do it within his own tribe otherwise get back to the trailer park.

  • Tackle

    @Cee: So he could be looked at as being some type of gay hero or doing something heroic for gays.

  • scotshot

    @Jerry12: Who’s sleeping with who trandscends small circles. CK &the hustler made mainstream gossip columns.

  • scotshot

    @sailor374: He’s not that hung.

    Want to see better taste? Marc Jacobs. Except for Austin he’s had some hot men.

  • lailaichong

    @sailor374: I did know who Nick Gruber is before, but when i knew he was Calvin Klein’s ex, i was surprised! I think calvin deserves more better than Nick, he looks so old i can’t believe he is only 22 years old , i think he is the same age as me 34, even older! And he looks fat and ugly like all the straight men at their 22.

  • Nixter

    @lailaichong: Like all straight men at 22?/! Huh? What/ Are you serious?!

  • manxxxx

    Baring. Yawn. 15 minutes and ticking….

  • D P

    Oh my gawd! What is this unfamiliar new feeling coming upon me? Could it be a hint of admiration for Lucas?

  • Caleb in SC

    So many people wonder why this is of interest, yet there are now 47 comments on this particular piece.

  • LeNair Xavier

    It’s sad how many are turning a blind eye to an obviously fact about Michael Lucas…

    With all the “gay-for-pay” hookers Michael Lucas has hired, pimped out, and put in his movies over the years, Michael Lucas has some nerve judging ANYONE’s acting out, including Nick Gruber’s. For hiring gay-for-pay models breeds guys like Nick Gruber – White boys who claim to be straight with internalized homophobia, YET because of guys like Michael Lucas are given an avenue to profit from that self-denial.

  • B Damion

    @LeNair Xavier..H.O.W. D.A.R.E.Y.O.U talk about sir Michael Lucas that way. He is a very kind respectable pimp. You pimp them big booty hoes ML.Pimp them.

  • Cam

    Wow, I could hear the bitch slap from Lucas’s response miles away.

    As for Gruber….Love that he was paid to sleep with Klein and Klein had huge parties for him and yet he doesn’t understand how a party works. And that he did gay porn but wants to loudly let anybody know that he doesn’t want gays to touch him.

    The funniest part is that he thought dropping a few names a dollar amounts was subtle and would make his apology effective…Calvin really needs to send this one to a finishing school.

  • AndrewIB

    Other than Calvin Klein I have never heard of these grubby individuals..Klein is bad enough chasing around after this young and plainly confused boy, but the boy himself leaves much to be desired..I’ve no idea who the other man is.

    I wonder how long he (Gruber) will be able to string his minor celebrity out for and how much he will be able to make of the back of it.

  • LadyL

    Okay, hold it a minute! Hold it!
    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that I’m actually starting to feel kinda sorry for Nick Gruber. Is he really only 22? Even if he is a self-hating jerk, to me he seems so lost; his behavior makes me think of an insecure 14 year old with no friends.
    And even if I liked what he said in principle? Michael Lucas making the emails so public is just being gratuitously mean.
    Thank you. You may commence throwing rocks.

  • Doughosier

    @LadyL: I find him interesting for the same reason I slow down at accidents. He is pretty as well.

  • sapnadelhi

    Hey i can say that he is the guy who looks only interesting here, I feel great read about that its great ….

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