Nick Gruber Questioned By Police After Hamptons VIP Club “Blood Bath”

7773224838_33bd551becHe’s sold his crotch on Sean Cody and cashed it in for an American Express Black card, but this time, former porn model and professional boy toy Nick Gruber wants you to know that he won’t tolerate your passive grabs at his crotch anymore.

What, did you think it was for sale or something? Sheesh.

Page 6 reports that the boyfriend of fashion maven Calvin Klein was questioned by police in East Hampton last Friday morning following his involvement in a “bloody fight at a top Hamptons nightclub.” Picture the Barbie dream house covered in ketchup.

Matt Rich, a spokesman for Gruber, says Nick plans to file a complaint of sexual harassment against a patron of the Pink Elephant, who “randomly grabbed his crotch” after a night of drinking. According to reports, Gruber “hit the clubgoer, causing a laceration over his right eye” in what the club’s director of VIP relations describes as “a blood bath.”

According to Page 6, Gruber “fled the scene,” leaving 20 police officers to launch a full-scale investigation with flashlights in the parking lot. Only in the Hamptons, folks!

Rich said that Gruber “voluntarily spoke with police for an hour on Friday,” and he was not arrested. Fortunately, it sounds like his crotch is okay.