Nick Gruber Says Calvin Klein Hired Private Eye To Follow Him And New Boyfriend John Luciano

How is Nick Gruber supposed to finish the Great American Tell-All when ex-flame Calvin Klein has a private detective following his every move?

Gruber—who claims to be penning a memoir titled What Came Between Me and My Calvin—says he and new beau John Luciano have been hounded by an ex-cop in Klein’s employ for the past month.

According to the New York Daily News, the private dick even confronted the pair at a party on Monday in New York’s Meatpacking District, shouting about Luciano’s supposed Mob connections. According to the Daily News’ Confidenti@l column, the snoop also appeared at Gruber’s hotel room.

“Calvin can hire goons to follow John and I all he wants. We have nothing to hide,” said Gruber, 22. “I’ve moved on.”

Well, at least it’ll make good fodder for Gruber’s upcoming reality show.

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  • kevininbuffalo

    Good luck with that, I’m still trying to sell my reality show about a middle aged Bi man who spends too much time on the net. Can’t believe it hasn’t sold yet !

  • Spike

    A tell all huh, wow, so he’s going to write about how Calvin likes to tie or be tied up with electrical cords. Woop dee doo. That was common knowledge to the staff at the Beverly Hills Hotel back in the 80’s. What to do when the lamps cords keep getting cut off and left under the bed? Leave pre-cut cords under the bed before the client checks in.

  • redcarpet

    Isn’t paranoia one of the key aspects of Crystal Meth use?


    Can’t John Luciano have someone’s ass whipped, or did he lose his special mob-related powers when “The Family” found out he was sucking Calvin Klein’s leftover’s peen? Those wacky New Yorkers. Can’t Kelly Klein (is she still around?)break out the Bitch Stick and beat all these weirdos into submission? Jeez… :(

  • Rabbit

    Opportunistic trash

  • yaoming

    Kline or@Rabbit:
    Kline or Gruber?

  • jmmartin

    Mr. Klein has always displayed good taste, even when it was revealed that one of his models, now a big movie actor, had three tits. (No, not three breasts, just three tits)

  • Cee

    It’s funny he looks like he could be Calvin’s son in that pic. Anyway, these older rich men with Peter Pan complexes always play themselves. Find someone closer to your age. If not then understand the relationship for what it really is. If you can’t do that you will end up playing yourself. Don’t play yourself.

  • dvlaries

    I feel sorry for the private eye. This can’t be the kind of assignment one dreams of when you go into that business.


    The stories from my friends about Ck and his home in the Pines, Fire Island is not known by this younger crowd!
    Leaving a guy after a sex session in his home because he had seriously injured this guy. … I won’t say how it happened but that story is forever lost with the AIDS casualties …after several people repeated this same story, I couldn’t buy or have his clothes touch my body. There’s got to be truth in this story for many reasons. C is crazy enuf to get paranoid about this book and someone finally telling the truth about the scum of this planet … good luck Nick

    TC (NYC )

  • Joel J

    All of this was inevitable, no?

  • JOHN 1957

    I can’t help but laugh out loud, for the simple reason I remember when Calvin did Fire Island and then turned around denied he was gay and even got married back in the day. December of 2002 in the New York Times, it was announced that Calvin Klein, the standard bearer of high-style simplicity in American fashion, announced yesterday that he will sell the company that bears his name to Phillips-Van Heusen, the country’s biggest shirtmaker, for $400 million in cash, plus another $30 million in stock and up to $300 million in royalties, linked to revenues over the next 15 years. He sold his business for an arm and a leg and is still making out like a fat rat. What I don’t get is why be so out in the open now and like this, all I can think, this young guy must have turned Calvin out in the bed room and left him talking to himself, which doesn’t say much for a man of his age and so called experience. Or perhaps this is all a farce and just PR for Gruber’s upcoming reality show.

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