Daddy issues

Nick Jonas: “I am definitely not your daddy”

Nick Jonas would like to make one thing very clear: “I am definitely not your daddy.”

Elaborating, the pop star/actor who plays a gay boxer on Kingdom said, “I’m 100% sure of that.”

Wow, that’s pretty darn sure.

For emphasis, Jonas repeated his claim: “100% sure.”

OK, we get it, Jonas — you’re 100% not anyones daddy.

So why does he need to state this (debatable) fact not once, not twice, but three times in three seconds?

Well to the surprise of no one (and especially not his publicist), people often tweet thirsty, thirsty thoughts at Nick Jonas. Go figure.

And sometimes those tweets get awfully creative:

Like one fan who wants to get his “face tattooed on my ass cheek so I can say I sit on Nick Jonas’ face all the time.”

It’s probably best you don’t.

Other times, it’s as straightforward as can be:

“I want Nick Jonas to **** the **** out of my *******,” writes Chuck.

Watch Nick be an awfully good sport about it all while reading a selection of thirsty tweets below: