Nick Jonas Doesn’t Deny Hooking Up With Guys; Hope Is Alive.


Nick Jonas doesn’t mind if you think he’s gay. In fact, it seems he’d actually prefer it.

His two current acting projects — Kingdom and Scream Queens — cast him as gay. He regularly appears in gay clubs to promote his music, and he even stepped in to save Pittsburgh Pride last summer after Iggy Azalea was uninvited.

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Nick1-360x345But the burning question remains. “So…are you gay?”

When quizzed by Daily Star Online at the Radio One Teen Awards recently about whether he’s hooked up with guys, Nick responded, “I can’t say if I have or haven’t, but if you watch [Kingdom] you’ll see more of that.”

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You can’t say, or you won’t say?

It does appear that all the gay baiting is just some very clever marketing, and yet we still wind up liking Nick at the end of the day.

Speaking about his gay fan base, Nick has said, “There’s a thing of recognizing that you have gay fans, as a male artist. I was speaking to some of my very close gay friends as I was making the record, and they told me I should really make the effort to embrace my gay audience as it’s bigger than I might think. There should be more of it. There should be more heterosexual male artists who are comfortable to attract a gay audience and do it in a way that’s authentic. With me, it comes from a very genuine and loving place.”

Could it be that Nick has been “embracing” his gay fans more than we previously thought?

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