Nick Jonas Is Flirting With His Gay Fans Again, Reveals His Male Celebrity Crush

tumblr_ncsga8REBJ1s19qooo1_r1_1280Nick Jonas‘ press tour catering exclusively to gay men continued this week with a Q&A style interview in ladies’ magazine Cosmopolitan, where Nick basically outed himself as a gay man trapped inside a straight man’s body.

When asked who his celebrity crush might be, it doesn’t take much coaxing for the 22-year-old to give up his male celebrity crush. Sounds like he’s thought about this question before:

Celebrity crush? And this is not, like, sexual … Every single girl has given me a girl answer. I’ve never gotten, like, a guy from a girl.
Interesting. So I should give a guy is what your saying?

No, no, no. That’s not what I’m telling you.
If you’re asking, it’s Daniel Craig.

The interview also asks what the rest of the JoBros think of Nick’s new single “Chains” (they love it), reveals his hidden talent (tossing a ball in a hole), and some more things you’ve probably never wondered:

Do you have a style icon?
James Dean; he’s the best.

One-word description of your personal style?

All-time favorite movie?
Dead Poet’s Society.

Dream collaboration.
Prince. For the stories and music.

What I’m looking for in a partner.
Honesty, sense of humor, and good times.

What’s the worst date you ever had?
Well, there was a few where, like, alcohol was involved and it just got really bad. Those weren’t necessarily the worst dates. The worst dates are when people, like, know more about me than is comfortable.

People, not girls.

Are you a top or a bottom?
[Laughs] Really? I mean, I’d consider myself more of a top, but I’d do anything for my amazing gay fans.

Just kidding, we made the last one up.

Check out some photos from Nick’s Cosmo shoot below:





Photos: Matt Jones

And below this, some newly released shots from Nick’s racy Flaunt shoot, which we first covered yesterday:





If you’re expecting the Nick Jonas buzz to end soon, don’t hold your breath. The new DirecTV show Kingdom, in which he will reportedly play a gay character with gay sex scenes, premieres next Wednesday. His self-titled debut album is set to drop next month.