Nick Jonas Is Still Bout That Gay Life, Talks Man-On-Man Sex In New Interview

Screen-Shot-2014-09-17-at-1.30Nick Jonas continues to develop his gay agenda in an interview with HuffPo this week, where he takes another moment to let everyone know he’s still in bed with the gays.

Nick spent two nights teasing the crowds of New York City’s hottest gay twink clubs last week, ripping his shirt off to the delight of 18+ audiences who provided Instagram with full documentation of the holy events as they happened:

“It’s been a fun couple days partying with some of my gay fans,” he told MTV. “I love them to death and their support of me, so why not go out and hang?”

Shortly before his pseudo-gay striptease, Nick revealed that his jacked MMA-fighting character on DirecTV’s Kingdom could possibly be gay and is definitely involved in some steamy gay sex scenes. That’s cool, bro, says Nick.

On becoming what a HuffPo employee describes as “the darling of the gay community,” Nick says:

“I love it, I’m thrilled by that. I’ve always had a pretty strong gay fan base, having been a theater kid and then going back and doing Les Miz…that’s a community that I love and have embraced and has embraced me.

I met with the team and said, ‘let’s do everything we can to embrace this part of my audience, because I love them, and they’ve been so supportive.’ It’s been really fun and I went to a couple gay clubs last week to launch the single.”

“Are you still wearing your [no sex until marriage] promise ring?” a fan asks during the interview.

“No,” he answers.

Your move, gays.

Nick’s latest video for “Jealous” debuted yesterday: