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Nick Jonas Opens Up To Men’s Fitness About Those Bulging Biceps And Jonas Brothers


Last month, Nick Jonas caused a frenzy when Men’s Fitness released a teaser of his photo shoot with the magazine. The teaser video showcased an adult, seriously fit Nick Jonas, which recently was put on full display in the latest issue of OUT magazine. Jonas talks to MF about how he got his bulging new body and the growing pains of being in a band with his two brothers.

On his fitness:

Speaking of growing, you’ve packed on some serious muscle. What’s your workout like?

I worked with a trainer who showed me some things that I can take with me on the road. Basically, it’s circuit training, so about six exercises, all targeting different parts of the body and then following it up with a two-minute cardio burnout. It’s been a really effective workout routine for me, and it keeps it interesting.

What do you eat to stay in shape?

A lot of lean protein, and I’ve cut out most carbs.

On his (now possibly defunct) band:

What’s it like being in a band with your brothers? Be honest!

The pro is that you have a really good support system. The con is that you’re with the same people every day for a long time, which, if you’re family or not, can be a lot at times. But we all have a good relationship and actually really enjoy our time together.

You guys spend a lot of time together. Do things ever break down after a while?

My brother Joe forgets lyrics a little bit. [Laughs] There have been a lot of times when I’ve had to help him out onstage. The fans know the words to every song, so they can kind of help as well.

Read the rest of the interview here.

[Photo: Men’s Fitness]