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Nick Jonas Opens Up To Men’s Fitness About Those Bulging Biceps And Jonas Brothers


Last month, Nick Jonas caused a frenzy when Men’s Fitness released a teaser of his photo shoot with the magazine. The teaser video showcased an adult, seriously fit Nick Jonas, which recently was put on full display in the latest issue of OUT magazine. Jonas talks to MF about how he got his bulging new body and the growing pains of being in a band with his two brothers.

On his fitness:

Speaking of growing, you’ve packed on some serious muscle. What’s your workout like?

I worked with a trainer who showed me some things that I can take with me on the road. Basically, it’s circuit training, so about six exercises, all targeting different parts of the body and then following it up with a two-minute cardio burnout. It’s been a really effective workout routine for me, and it keeps it interesting.

What do you eat to stay in shape?

A lot of lean protein, and I’ve cut out most carbs.

On his (now possibly defunct) band:

What’s it like being in a band with your brothers? Be honest!

The pro is that you have a really good support system. The con is that you’re with the same people every day for a long time, which, if you’re family or not, can be a lot at times. But we all have a good relationship and actually really enjoy our time together.

You guys spend a lot of time together. Do things ever break down after a while?

My brother Joe forgets lyrics a little bit. [Laughs] There have been a lot of times when I’ve had to help him out onstage. The fans know the words to every song, so they can kind of help as well.

Read the rest of the interview here.

[Photo: Men’s Fitness]

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  • Cam

    He looks nice, but are we supposed to pretend that we all believe you can put on 20lbs of muscle in a few months without steroids?

  • litper

    Closeted gym queen.

  • bigomega73

    @Cam: If he’s never worked out before then it’s very possible that he didn’t use steroids . A lot of people, especially mesomorphs, see huge gains within the first couple of months of working out and then it slows down dramatically. I gained 17lbs in my first two months of working out. No steroids. It’s not unusual

  • MikeE

    @bigomega73: agreed.
    my husband started working out last year but with a trainer. and THAT makes a huge difference.

    he was VERY slender (skinny), and packed on 10 lbs just in the first month, and was up 20 by the end of the 3rd month.

    as Jonas says, he has a trainer who “shows him” tricks. so yes, it’s very possible for him to have put on that weight. he’s also very young, which is a huge asset.

    I don’t think he looks “steroidy” at all.

  • rand503

    The band just cancelled their tour over artistic differences. Doesnt’ sound like they are getting along well at all.

  • J.c.

    @Cam: Apparently you don’t train. Of course! 20 lbs of muscle is not that difficult if you start with a lean body and work hard.

  • kayakriver

    @J.c.: they probably couldn’t sell tickets so they made up an excuse.

  • J.c.

    All three boys looked very different when they were younger but in this picture Nick looks so much like his brother Joe , it’s uncanny! Hope all works out for them. They seem like good kids and they are actually quite talented especially Nick.

  • Cam


    No, actually most professionals say exactly the opposite, nobody gains 20lbs of muscle in a few months without steroids.

  • eyerolling

    @Cam: Cam, it is possible to gain 20 lbs of muscle in a few months. It is difficult, but when you have a strict diet and exercise program, it is very possible. When you have plenty of finances to help with pre-made meals and a trainer (who travels?), even more so. Do you even know the signs of steroid use? How about you don’t instantly attack someone with accusations first just because it seems too difficult or unlikely. As for personal experience, I have witnessed and trained 3 people to help them gain 15-20 lbs in a 2 month period. My expertise: CPT, FNS, CMT, PT-in training

  • Cam


    Yeah, interesting that none of the bodybuilding or medial sites back you up. But no, of course you must be right about that. (Eye Roll)

  • Sleepy

    Nick doesn’t exactly have a roided up body… He looks more like he just pumped up before the photoshoot. Maybe HGH though – lol. That said, gaining 20lbs in three months is borderline impossible. The more intense your routine, the more calories you burn. Circuit training increases cardiovascular strength and endurance; you can’t gain 20 pounds on that type of routine because you’re burning insane calories – especially if you’re 21 years old. Even if he was eating 5k calories a day, he wouldn’t gain weight. Hell, I’m almost twice this kids age and I can’t gain weight on a 4k calorie a day diet with a strict exercise program.

  • stranded

    he needs to open up that bulging ass! Anybody seen those pics of him in baseball pants? Hot damn. Why do people like to start shit? He got buff, obviously it must be steroids. Come on!

  • manonyme

    @Cam: well, it’s a parsed conversation these days in the weight gain game. he prolly didn’t take anabolic steroids (think Arnold S and hyperdermic neeedles)
    no,it’s more likely tht he did a ‘test booster’. simple pill to take, increases test for workouts and pretty much gets u J A C K E D! lol
    but whatever it was, i now notice him now. . .

  • manonyme

    @stranded: man, those pix of all 3 of them at tht charity baseball game make you see tht they are ‘all growed up’…

  • NormanJones

    my Aunty Kayla recently got Subaru Legacy only from working off a pc at home… article source,,, smarturl.it/bhtmj6

  • DarkZephyr

    @manonyme: You like ’em buff, eh? I can appreciate a muscular physique myself, although I find other body types pretty sex too, but wow, the Jonas boys are looking GOOD these days.

  • manonyme

    @DarkZephyr: @DarkZephyr: well yes I like a bit of buff-ness…BUT I too go for a myriad of body types. It’s just like these 3 just ‘blossomed’ overnight. 1min I’m not paying attention to them cut they’re just lil boys . the BAM! ! they’re M E N. LOL

  • Jeff

    @litper: @Cam: Take a pill and bam, even if someone used steroids, they would have to work out like crazy to get the benefits. There is no “bam”,there is also no pill, it’s topical or injections.And do u really think someone this intelligent and talented, would risk his LIFE for some muscle?! (He’s an entertainer, not an athlete or a whore) He has juvenile diabetes for Christs sake. Improperly using steroids could kill him. Closet case gym rat? Really? Your vocabulary astounds me.
    Ya know, i only read Queerty about once every 2 to 4 weeks, WHY! Because u whiny, jealous, shallow, one step from o-dee-ing, one week from being homeless low lifes make me hate being gay. Jesus fucking Christ, shut the fuck up

  • esnay7

    Your body can only produce 1 pound of muscle per week…so he didn’t gain no 20 pounds of muscle maybe 10 of muscle and 10 of fat..he needs to cut out all that protein and increase his complex carbohydrate..protein does not make you get big muscles lifting heavy does..look it up..the average male only needs 35 to 45 grams of protein. .look up Steve turano and learn something. .all these manufacturing companies want you to keep buying there products. .wake up people. .

  • esnay7

    Ps has to be on some kind of steroids. .

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