Nick Jonas Thinks That Gay People Take Fashion Cues From The Jonas Brothers’ Sense Of Style

We love our gay fans. It was definitely cool when we realized that [we had so many], because the more you can grow your audience, the more people you can impact. They’ve been incredible over the years. My brothers and I totally look forward to meeting them, because they really respond to our style, and it’s cool to see how our influence has impacted what they’re wearing. They also give really good gifts at our meet-and-greets—hats, scarves, and other things. They always have good taste…

[Perez Hilton]’s been a big supporter of my brothers and me, and he’s been an amazing support as I’ve transitioned back into theater. I loved that he came out to see Hairspray at the Hollywood Bowl, and I know he’s going to come see How to Succeed. I’m blessed to have him as a friend as well.

Nick Jonas tells the Advocate he’s a big fan on the gays, and thinks that we take fashion cues from him (other way around, JoBro)