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Nick Jonas Works Out Shirtless, While Justin Bieber Swims In Transparent Undies

Proving that Roland Emmerich’s poorly-reviewed Stonewall won’t ring the death knell on gay cinema, Dancer from the Dance, the acclaimed 1978 novel by Andrew Holleran that’s widely (and rightly) regarded as one of the cornerstones of queer literature, is finally coming to the big screen. Director-producer Alan Poul will helm the adaptation.


Fierce new singer alert: D. Smith, who won a Grammy for co-producing Lil Wayne’s The Carter III, is a hot, talented and sexy performer in her own right…and she just happens to be transgender. Watch Smith strut her stuff in the video for “I’m That Bitch” below.

Spectre, the latest James Bond caper, again stars Daniel Craig (the sexiest 007 ever, in our opinion) and will be in theaters November 6. To whet your appetite for adventure, here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at some of the film’s action sequences below.

Naturally blond Justin Bieber must have left his Speedo on the tour bus. He also forgot to include #shrinkage when he posted the photo to Instagram.

Glacier dip in #iceland

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Anderson Cooper is concerned about a gay man terrorizing New Yorkers and it isn’t his bestie Andy Cohen this time.

Nick Jonas working out shirtless is enough to make any queen scream. The heartthrob entertainer has added another LGBT character to his resume, gay frat bro Boone in Ryan Murphy‘s Scream Queens, which premiered on Fox last night.


Paper Ring’s “Great Escape,” the theme for Sal Bardo‘s film Pink Moon, tells the moving story of a 70-year-old woman who leaves her husband of 50 years to be with a woman she met in her youth.