Nick Weist’s, Like, Totally Famous!

It seems GayCityNews has been reading Queerty, because they just featured a cover story on The Youth Issue feature subject, our old friend Nick Weist. You kids may recall Weist’s the wunderkind behind powerHouse books’ new gay art imprint, Aschenbach.

Sitting down with Weist, homo journo Christopher Murray gets down and dirty. Here’s a little excerpt:

CM: Do you adore sleaze?
NW: Yes. Not so much in practice, but definitely in theory. Gay culture was much more exciting when it was slumming. I look to figures like Genet and Proust who made clear the exciting furtiveness of sneaking off into the barn to debauch the stableboy.

Weist also shares the secrets behind his publishing (and social) philosophy:

CM: So, are you helping people see new ways of having a sexual identity?
NW: No, because I hope a sexual identity doesn’t consume a complete human identity. I don’t feel that because I do it with guys that there are attendant personal traits that should come with that. If someone looks at an artist that I’ve put in a show or published and sees that there are alternative ways to be, I’ve succeeded. But I hope that they just don’t adopt that artist’s mode one hundred percent. I hope that people are receptive to ideas that then help shape their own way of being in the world.

There you have it, kids: Nick Weist will change the way you look at gay art. That is, if he hasn’t already…

Read the entire interview here.

And, of course, relive the magic of our interview with Weist. He’ll be so pleased.

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