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Nickelodeon To Let George Takei Recruit Young Boys In New Television Series

Luckily George Takei knows a thing or two about holograms, because that’s how his character will appear in the new Nickelodeon half-hour comedy series Supah Ninjas, which “follows three kids who are drafted into a secret world of crime fighting after Mike Fukanaga (Ryan Potter), an average high school student, discovers he is descended from a long line of ninjas. Takei plays Mike’s recently deceased grandfather; he appears as an interactive hologram to guide and train the team of ‘Supah Ninjas’ along the way.” Just what we need: another homosexual man with access to kids!

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  • andrew

    WTF? That last comment is utterly offensive! Is supposed to be some sort of joke?


    JD: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???? We have enough crap tossed upon us by the rightwing lunatic nutbags who constantly accuse us of being kiddie diddlers. And you on a Gay site go and post a thread with that blurb? Not even a bit humorus……..EPIC FAIL

  • Mac McNeill

    I don’t know here. Seems lately some of comments made by Queerty is more anti-gay than the straight sites. Do you perhaps have someone writing that is “anti-gay”?

  • Comixbear

    I’ve seen an advertisement for this show, and it seems to be pure Nickelodeon….One of the teenagers seems to be singing out every other line, and there are lines about being hit ‘straight in the nunchucks’. I think, despite George Takei, I’ll miss it.

    Oh, and Queerty? You’re quality is definitely going downhill. Anti-gay comments and articles trying to place homophobia where there is none? Not worth it.

  • Charlie

    Oh Queerty can’t you just be happy for George and not make us think that it’s wrong to have gay folks mentoring impressionable children?

  • Fitz

    Not funny, not ironic.. just homophobic, even if the thing writing it is a fagot.

  • sam


    I’m sorry, but I would’ve loved that show as a kid ^_^

  • MGangemi

    Yeah seriously Queerty, cut the internalized homophobia thanks. If I wanna hear comments like that I’ll go try to talk to my Mom about safe sex ;P
    OH and congrats to George for finding a cool new job!

  • Shaded Spriter

    I guess this show will be showing along side the newest power rangers.

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