Nicki Minaj Just Wants Hip-Hop To Love The Homos

I started making it my business to say things that would empower women, like, ‘Where my bad bitches at?’ to let them know, ‘I’m here for you. Then, when I started going to the shows and it was nothing but girls, it was like, ‘Did I go too far with embracing my girls?’ Because now they want to kiss and hug me. … Normally, [upcoming tour partner Lil] Wayne probably wouldn’t have gay guys coming to see his shows much, but they’re definitely a big part of my movement, and I hope they’d still come out and see me. I think that will be really, really interesting, just to start bridging that gap. We’ll see.

—Nicki Minaj, one of the only decent things from this year’s MTV VMAs, on how she ended up bridging gays and the rap world [via]