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Nico Tortorella and Juan Pablo Di Pace to star as a couple in new feature film

Nico Tortorella and Juan Pablo Di Pace
L-R: Nico Tortorella and Juan Pablo Di Pace (Photos: Shutterstock)

Deadline has revealed actors Nico Tortorella and Juan Pablo Di Pace will star as a couple in the upcoming feature film The Mattachine Family.

Tortorella is best known for their appearances in Younger and The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Di Pace has appeared in Fuller House and Mamma Mia!

Deadline says “While the pair are very much in love, they find, after their first foster child returns to his birth mother, that they have different ideas about what it means to make a family.”

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The movie will be the debut feature from video and commercial director Andy Vallentine, based on a script by his husband, Danny Vallentine. Schitt’s Creek star Emily Hampshire has also signed on for a major role, along with Emmy nominee Carl Clemons-Hopkins.

On Instagram, Tortorella said, “This is the most important project I’ve been a part of to date. can’t wait to share this with y’all.”

Di Pace also posted, saying, “Beyond excited to be a part of this beautiful film. An important piece of cinema coming your way!”

Di Pace, who heralds originally from Argentina, came out as gay in 2019.

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Tortorella identifies as gender-fluid and sexually-fluid. They are married to Bethany C Meyers. The couple revealed earlier this week that they are trying to become parents but have experienced problems conceiving.


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Mattachine Family director Andy Vallentine also recently revealed that kids and families are something at the forefront of his mind. He and his husband revealed a couple of months ago that they are due to become parents in January.


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