Actor Not Keen On "Fag Side Of Life."

Nigeria Gets First Gay Flick

Nigeria’s about to get its first gay flavored feature film – and, no, that’s not necessarily good news.

The film, Sinful Saints, revolves around a mama’s boy whose lack of sexual experience leads him into the dark world of homosexuality. Director Dickson Iruegbu says the film will explore whether homosexuality’s naturally occurring in Nigerian society of if it’s a Western import.

The topic’s quite taboo in Nigeria, so it come as no surprise that the actors were a little hesitant to take their roles. Iruegbu says he had to pay three times the amount. Despite the dough, actor Charles Waran doesn’t have much love for the homos,

It is a tragedy that young men could find themselves gay and be proud of it. I feel challenged playing this role. It’s a love story on the fag side of life.

Waran sounds like a consummate professional.