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Nigeria Has Arrested Dozens Of People Just For Being Gay

There’s some distressing news coming out of Nigeria today as Associated Press has reported that dozens of gay men are being arrested simply for being gay.

Nigerian police are operating off lists of over 100 gay men that they’ve attained in order to execute their new “Jail the Gays” law. The draconian law promises stiff jail time of up to 10 years for pretty much anyone who is known to be gay and supports or participates in pro gay groups, organizations, or meeting places. Anyone who enters into a same-sex marriage or civil union can face up to 14 years.

An AIDS counselor who spoke on the condition of anonymity with the Press said that a total of 38 were arrested, and the current antigay legal frenzy was brought on by rumors that the U.S. had paid millions to gay activists to promote gay marriage in Nigeria.

Though the rumors are unfounded, the truth in Nigeria is most likely closer to the opposite.

As the disturbing Oscar-hopeful documentary God Loves Uganda frighteningly demonstrated, the virulently homophobic attitudes that are popping up in countries like Nigeria and Uganda aren’t coming from thin air, but from a concentrated effort by right-wing conservative churches to export their homophobia via the teachings of Christian missionaries.

Sadly, Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan seems to condone the law itself and the homophobic behavior that is sweeping his nation. “Nigerians are pleased with it,” his spokesman Reuben Abati told AP. “… it is a law that is a reflection of the beliefs and orientation of Nigerian people.”

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  • Scribe38

    There are times I am disappointed with gay rights in the U.S. but I couldn’t imagine living in Nigeria.

  • Ogre Magi

    Behold the fruit of christianity and islam

  • DShucking

    It’s a shame that the gay people in Nigeria didn’t have enough time to get out of the country before this law was passed.

  • 2eo

    Let us not forget that this is literally what the right want for us in the west. Where religion is strong, reason, education and liberty are none existent.

  • KDub

    Yeah, detain a bunch of gay guys and lock them up in a facility full of nothing but men. That’s showing em!

  • DShucking

    @KDub: Sick.

  • Daniel-Reader

    If they are not upholding international human rights laws, then the LGBTA community does not have to uphold any of the other treaties. Nigeria should have thought this through more.

  • Harley

    There was a time when religion ran the government. It was called “The Dark Ages”.

  • Nannie W. Jones

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  • corey

    @DShucking: happens in USA all the time

  • fagburn

    Hi, Can you tell me how you checked this story?

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