Nigerian Activist In Hiding After Death Threats

Some Nigerian activists may be busy battling Outrage!, but pro-gay peer and director of Changing Attitude Nigeria, Davis Mac-Iyalla has been busy running from death threats.

Mac-Iyalla’s made quite a few enemies in recent weeks, particularly after he traveled to Tanzania to plead with homophobic Archbishop Peter Akinola to include gays in the Anglican Communion.

Now a few shady seeming individuals showed up at his work looking to have some words, while another called his unlisted number to offer a little telephonic threat. The intimidation, Mac-Iyalla and others claim, comes straight from anti-gay rivals and Akinola-supporters, the Church of Nigeria. Fearing for his life, Mac-Iyalla’s gone into hiding.

This isn’t the first time Mac-Iyalla’s garnered such warnings: he got a batch back in January. While certainly a shame that Mac-Iyalla’s living in fear, at least he knows he’s got the homophobe’s attention.